Tuesday, May 2, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:5/2/17

Open To Interpretation
It's Just A Movie
That famous notion,
'The willing suspension of disbelief',
Have you heard of it?
No matter.
But I tell you,
Once 'sweet nothings' begin
They're a real flower in a pot
To keep watered in sunlight,
Not some artificial make believe.


Notes: hmmph...paddled out late last night and rolled over to The Outlet, the AMC theaters, with the straight back seats, and saw movie Ghost in the Shell2017...didn't know Scarlett Johansson is in it...only saw one movie of hers before, and was movie star smitten then...and Ghost is an eye full!...and there's this one scene, where the side of her face is taken off...and for a moment it broke that spell we all live in...one could see all the robotic things beneath her skin...she's a cyborg...and it brought to mind all the muscles and tendons and blood veins under our own skins...which we'd rather not think about...it's a good movie, and while not wildly popular, it seems to have done well enough to warrant a sequel or two...the Ghost in the Shell tales are famous Manga tales...have been meaning to get some Manga tales to study the illustrations...anyway, Scarlett is a wildly popular movie star...her films have earned billions of dollars...if the alphabet had a letter before 'A', as in 'A list'...she would be at the top of that list!...maybe she is the 'first of her kind'...in an old Tree in the Door post I had an on and on about how many senses we have...concluding that there were hundreds, if not an infinity...the usual senses are touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell...five...but there are more if one considers things like balance...looking about, I found a site that lists seven...adding feeling and emotions to the usual five...I had been casting about for emotions as a sense...sound waves, light, hot and cold, tastes and odors: things to sense!...what do emotions sense?...the site notes that even a single cell has emotions...apparently cells will recoil and avoid dangerous things...this could just be a tropism...but whose to say tropisims aren't an emotional experience?...that a sunflower when it 'countest the steps of the Sun' isn't deliriously happy?...I'm easily smitten, and it's a common sort of thing, as what many other people like, I like...one New Year's Eve, I came home from work to the Cabin, and watched the ball drop show from New York...and Katy Perry performed at Rockefeller Center...Hot and Cold, I Kissed A Girl, Thinking of You...then, Thinking of You wasn't on the tv show, though performed then...since, it is on youTube...this was 2008!...it is a charming song...in a random browse the other night, I happened on a youTube that has the 20 top youTubes with the most hits...this could be bogus...youtube hits, any web site visit count, is problematic...but Katy Perry had two songs in the top five...over a billion hits each...needless to say, she's become wildly popular...clearly an emotional response!...anyway, where was I?...oh, hereabout in the notes is always an effort to 'peel' back something, see what's underneath, what makes something tick...hmmph...miss spoke when at the ticket booth, asking for a ticket to Ghost in the House, rather than Ghost in the Shell...a 'glitch'...Ghost in the House is Allison Kraus's cover song...and she has the lament that she can't fill an outdoor stadium!...I bought a watch so I'll know what time it is to see the movies...for some reason, ticket booths don't have clocks...it is an analog, minute and hour arms, black numbers on a white face...the rest all casio black as usual...not unlike Katy's New Year's Eve 2008 dress!




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