Thursday, May 25, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:5/25/17

Open To Interpretation

No more
Through the
Pool hall door?
I've had a
Step Back.
How so?
I had thought,
That table game
I played,
But it played me.
So, now
Where will you go?
That 19x19 squared
Piece of real estate?
Oh, the automatons
Now own that,
Or it owns them.
I've been there,
Done that.


Notes: normally, usually, while the clothes are in the Laundromat dryer, I go over next door to the pool hall and poke the balls around...for three years now this has been a routine...not once have I played an opponent...last time there, two players were going head to head in a nine ball game next to my table...I moved over one so as not to was a serious contest, I could see, and one player owned the other...this to say, one was always winning, and the other wouldn't give up...and I looked at the table I was at, stepped back...'these tables own me', my thought...I have literally stepped back from the slot machines in Las Vegas, and the whole town...I don't go there, I don't play there!, in 'Go GO' reference the table game automaton, an artificial intelligence computer, has just beat the best GO player in the event in the evolution of AI...another step back for all mankind!...hmmph...I don't think I've ever played GO, which is said to be seriously more complicated than chess...maybe the automatons are winning at that game too...thought to do search: theme algorithm...I've been confusing algos with themes, themes of the sorts in stories...but there are similarities, and maybe they are synonyms!...that search brought up this:


It’s a little bit controversial to discuss the mechanics of implementation of a thematic-based ranking in the Google algorithm, because it’s practically impossible to determine the precise nature of the algorithm. SEO experts debate this back and forth all the time, but one working hypothesis, which we’ll treat here, is the suggestion that inbound links from similar pages have a more significant effect on its PageRank than do inbound links from sites that are unrelated.

and that goes with this:

Google can also collect location information from phones, allowing it to work out when a user has seen an ad, and whether they have searched for the product advertised and gone to an offline shop to buy it.


don't know but 'Intelligent Surfer' is some kind of oxymoron...anyway, new Pirates of the Caribbean is, to the movies...Johnny Depp owns us all!...

hmmph...back from the MidnightMovie Pirates of the Caribbean2017...did I hear right?...'The Black Pearl sails again!'...the heroine's name, Carina Smith has some star lore in it...the old Argo (Argo Navis) constellation was too big, so modern astronomers divided it into three smaller constellations...brb...


the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille explained that there were more than a hundred and sixty stars clearly visible to the naked eye in Navis, and so he used the set of lowercase and uppercase Latin letters three times on portions of the constellation referred to as "Argûs in carina" (Carina, the keel or hull), "Argûs in puppi" (Puppis, the poop deck or stern), and "Argûs in velis" (Vela, the sails).


Carina, the movie has it from the start, is an astronomer...and about to executed for being a witch...and this theme weaves in and out...much fun...bit suspicious of 'Barbarossa'...Black Ships rule the waves!...




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