Sunday, May 14, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:5/14/17

Open To Interpretation
Fallen Blue Flowers

The blue flowers
Fall from the wind
Through the Jacaranda
And carpet the
Southern California
Drying out devil grass lawn.
The Three Cats chase about
Morning Cloaks and Morning Doves
And get stung
By suicidal Honey Bees.


Once naive
One remains so
Even when the lessons
Are beyond beyond.
I didn't know
You could all swear so
It not being my bent
And can only listen
With my shy belief
You are all heaven sent.

Now And Then

You are well along
On your separate way
And I
Some moment astray
To make your path delay.
You from courtesies
Pause to listen
Now and then.
I run ahead
Again again
For just that
Now and then
Beside you my tune to play.


Notes: MidnightMovie: Legend of the Sword2017...another 'rush up'...brb...'rush up' in urban slang is related to drug use...not the definition I had in mind...what I'm thinking is the endless number of heavy metal rock songs that simmer and boil up to extravagant operatic endings...a trait not just of heavy metal!...but this movie is 'heavy metal', though not so much as Game of Thrones...counted only one expletive, and camera panned away from beheadings and throat slittings...hmmph...but drug use has been in my searches of late, having happened on the proliferation of amphetamine drugs in the Middle East...I see no extrication for anyone from that morass of guns and drugs...and mixed as it is with ideologies, it's just not going to end...and searching out the history of warfare and drugs, I happened on movie The Conspiracy2001, about the Wannsee Conference...and I walk into the gym and on the giant lcd screen in the lobby is the scene of the bed of a truck full of half dressed kids who can't breath, mouths gaping, the kids that were in the gas attack in Syria...with The Conspiracy movie in my thoughts, it was seeing that movie brought to life...and grim...Legend of the Sword finishes off with Arthur acknowledging his opponent's component in what he himself has become...forget just how he puts it, but it's a refrain one sees, as in Luke Skywalker being shaped by Darth Vader...grim things do that...they're grim muses...and happened again on the tale of the White Rose in WW2 Germany...Sophie gets caught tossing pamphlets at her school by the janitor, and goes to a show trial, and the guillotine, and it is all recorded, reported, Germans having a mania for detail and such, and now the whole tale a memorialized cautionary tale...a resistance...'resistance' is a catch word in Legend of the Sword too...watching The Conspiracy one can't help seeing all those bureaucrats deciding the fate of others resembling currently the congressmen deciding health's a fractal some parts is emboldened 'beyondness', like Syria, and in others only a low simmer, like over the border in Mexico...trouble is, once simmering, things inevitably 'rush up'...there is a current White Rose facebook page...a caution is that every 'resistance' site, (or tale),  of any stripe, is a troll, things having become a far cry from mimeographed pamphlets...



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