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OTI:one poem and notes:5/27/17

Open To Interpretation


Do you know
What a Bower Bird is?
Oh, I see,
The impatient look of youth.
But let me explain,
So we're on the same plane.
What a Bower is:
A white lattice canopy trellis
O'r grown with climbing red roses;
A bench for two
Within Cupid's view.
My favorite:
The giant Black Oaks
Arched over the Creek;
My bare feet
In the snow cold water
Green shaded on
A bright warm sunny day
About Cupid's play.


Notes: yesterday's post has an update...I've gone on about Bower Birds before...seeing behaviors in animals is kind of a poetry thing...'swans mate for life' was often held up as an exemplar...and seeing animals do what we pretty much do, is we eat them...they eat one another too, so there's that...and eventually Nature returns us to dust, so there's that too...studying out algorithms I happened on an author I happened on before...brb...Yuval Noah Harari...


He is the author of the international bestseller Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2014).
His latest book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow was published in Hebrew in 2015. An English translation was published in the United Kingdom in September 2016 and in the United States in February 2017.


"Organisms are algorithms, and as such homo sapiens may not be dominant in a universe where dataism becomes the paradigm." says a wiki author to characterize the book...both books are 'step backs' of the grandiose sort...'step back and take in the view' sorts...(another kind of 'step back' is like when a gun is pointed at one...maybe this so too!) and often these books are puffy...and Noah has a knack...I don't know if 'dataism' is a word notion he coined, but he runs with it...oh...the site has an algo to put out a warning about copy/ on cue!


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 Humanist thinkers such as Rousseau convinced us that our own feelings and desires were the ultimate source of meaning, and that our free will was, therefore, the highest authority of all. Now, a fresh shift is taking place. Just as divine authority was legitimised by religious mythologies, and human authority was legitimised by humanist ideologies, so high-tech gurus and Silicon Valley prophets are creating a new universal narrative that legitimises the authority of algorithms and Big Data.


...well, one is already seeing this in the 'analytics' of players are being told what to do by the bean  baseball, analytics are resulting in 'shifts' being commonplace...if you statistically tend to hit to right field, you can expect the defense to all shift to the right...of course, this has been going on since baseball began in the analyzing of is very refined...pitchers study out the 'books' on each batter, so to find weaknesses...these 'books' are records of where in the strike zone batters miss the communicate the books to pitchers there are scouts and coaches that make the computer algorithms are refining things ever further...when I think on this now, I consider often the character profiles for ones 'toons' in World of Warcraft'...these profiles have all ones accomplishments, and are updated in real time...people are finding it iffy that google and facebook are gathering so much data about them...what they are doing is nothing compared to what can be done...which is what WOW does!...every movement, every mouse click, is recorded...WOW's toon profiles can be accessed by anyone, but any connection to the user is it is in the game play, unless you friend someone...the video games are way ahead of Noah's notions...they are algos, always have's not like any of this is new...privacy is in old stories, like the Invisible Man, or Superman having X-ray vision...King Midas, Lady Godiva, the Emperor With No Clothes, all cautionary tales...just a bit back, Blue Bloods the detective show had one themed to the Catholic churches confession booths...there you have it that priests are sworn to keep secret what they hear...and there you have it...and Noah is right...some manner of priesthood will arise to manage 'dataism'...hmmph....the interface between the data, the analytics, how it is used, is the real problem...'guns don't shoot people, people do' oft time slogan to defend gun ownership...the inference being that gun control is people being in control of, laws, being the control is of the same ilk...what is on my mind much of late is the 'scripts'...advertisements are being generated now by these analytics, and like in baseball, the 'books' are becoming fantastically sophisticated...and each of us is targeted by scripts...sometimes you hear them in the cashier line...cashiers being told to talk it up with customers, along with the usual courtesies of smiling and saying thank you...and there are like what options to take if one says this, or calls from political campaigns seeking donations have become like this...and the back and forth in the news has 'talking points' being the movieThe Circle2017, the heroine displays a knack for saying the right thing in front of the audience...'she's a natural'...that movie in depth examines the 'scripting' that the analytics require...and that movie was current with the gamers, when the heroine opts to have the little round cameras all over her home, and with her, and so forth...scripts, by the way, are easy to spot...Noah's books look to be scripts....they're being promoted, and taken up, and popularized...sure indicators!...known or not, scripts now are everywhere...things have become labyrinthian...Ariadne, mistress of the Labyrinth, looks on...brb...


The Bower-bird improvised a cool retreat
For the hen he honored, doing his poor best
With parrot-plumage, orchids, bones and corals,
To engage her fancy.
But this was no nest…
So, though the Penguin dropped at his hen’s feet
An oval stone to signal: ‘be my bride’,
And though the Jackdaw’s nest was glorified
With diamond rings and brooches massed inside,
It was the Bower-bird who contented me
By not equating love with matrimony.
Robert Graves
hmmph...found it this time...Oh!...tomorrow I'm off to see Kitten at the echoplex, along with a bunch of other indie to follow!...


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