Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:5/16/17

Open To Interpretation


Black Ships conventionally have three masts
When in symbiosis with a human crew.
Wild, the masts are numerous like a small black forest.
"What is wrong with the Ravens and Gulls?"
Jason asked Glauce, the two of them
Looking up puzzled at the middle mast,
The Ravens and Gulls all crowded together
There, huddled, quiet.
"Oh!" Glauce said, pointing to the mast tops, "Look!"
Jason squinted, sighting three scruffy flying creatures
"And another 'Oh'!", said Jason, "I know them!
But this fourth one,"
Said Jason, turning Glauce
And Ariadnes' girls to see,
"That has the Raven's and Gull's utmost attention,
Perched by the bow,
I know not...Oh!
Wait...Phineus, is that you!?"
"Most assuredly,"
Said Phineus,
"Transformed I am into a similitude of my antagonists.
Briefly, a long story...
Hippocrates I sought
To heal my dearly beloveds,
My family infirm
By Zeus' Work.
I beseeched Hippocrates in desperation.
He failed.
My anger was such,
His failure being of the half ass effort sort,
That my arm was raised, sword in hand,
Ready to drop, and lop,
When both my arms
Became dusky wings
Bedraggled with torn feathers,
And now I am as before you me you see
A winged sort of the self same sort
That once bedeviled you and I!
And now too I am about Harpies' Work,
A woe to half asses that promise more years!"
"With the Argonaut's and I,
Your misfortune foresaw our good fortune,"
Said Jason,
"So welcome you are aboard Black Ship Argo.
But the why of your arrival puzzles?"
"And just so too I." said Phineus,
"I follow them,
Compelled to be of their flock, as it were."
Phineus looked, blind, to the top of the masts.
Thereabout, wings folded,
The Three Harpies were staring into space,
Unconcerned ornaments,
Storm Swift, Swift Wing, Dark;
Aello, Ocypete, Celeano.


Notes: reference Jason's and the Argonauts' encounter with Phineus and the Harpies...reference Hippocrates...reference Hippocrates' Prognosis...Phineus too is an outcast of Zeus...made blind for his prophetic gifts to mortals...I've gone and cast him somewhat like Suibne!...ral...



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