Monday, May 22, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:5/22/17

Open To Interpretation

"Short time gains
Can incur longtime losses."
Said the talking plank from
The Oaks of Dodona
In the prow of Black Ship Argo
Above Jason's head.

"A voice from the waves?
Who speaks?"
Said Jason,
"You haven't Athena's intonation."
"No!  Nor am I made of oak.
I thought not to startle.
Look over the side
Below the Argo's bow."
Jason leaned out.
You've become a Shade!"
Jason said.
"Yes, most unbecoming."
Said Orpheus.
"Eurydice is with you!"
Said Jason,
"Shaded as well.
Now together you are."
"Just so," said Orpheus,
"By Hermes delivered."
"And riding you are
On floating bergs
Like we've seen before."
Said Jason.
"Yes," said Orpheus,
"Though somewhat different."
Dragon Cadmus and Dragon Hermione
Lifted their heads from under
Their stretching out wings.
Jason inspected Hermione's passengers.
"Who are your companions?"
Asked Jason.
"I am Prometheus."
Said Prometheus.
"I am his brother,
Said Epimetheus.
"We are Titans."
Said Prometheus and Epimetheus.
"And we are Dead."
Said Orpheus and Eurydice.
"And we are Transfigured."
"I am Cadmus."
"I am Hermione."
Said Dragon Cadmus and Dragon Hermione.
By now,
Glauce had come to Jason's
Side to see,
And Ariadne with her Amazons
As well.
Some foreboding song
You've come to sing."
Said Jason.
"It follows us,"
Said Orpheus,
"Zeus' wrath."
Jason held Glauce close.
"Wrath I know.
Come aboard, all of you."
Said Jason.


It would seem enough.
The Argo is stuffed!
And what will Nemo
Do with all of them,
For an aside
In an another
Time's niche?


Notes: so, so, tonight's MidnightMovie was Batman v Superman2016...on Amazon's HBO channel...sigh...another Prometheus take...Luther mixes his dna with General Zod's, and concocts a golem...and Superman perishes in the fight...hmmph...last night's movie was The Simpsons Movie2007...HBOs Amazon channel too...Springfield 'under the dome'...and it was funny, and a send up of the comic book movies by comic characters!...there's been a big gap in my movie goings, decades, so it will take awhile to where I'm current, and can say, 'there's nothing new, I've seen all these!'...time was, that wasn't hard to youTube has the old silent movies, so those too! awhile...I'm following the scripts with a student's attention...that (pause) might not be a good thing!...I see my own problems...characterization...and some comic relief here and there!



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