Wednesday, May 31, 2017

OTI: one poem, one copy/paste, and note:5/31/17

Open To Interpretation


to many 'too'

script quote from the movieStagecoach1939

America for Americans! Don't let the
government meddle with business!
Reduce taxes! Our national debt is

Lucy leans against the side of the coach, as far away from
him as possible.

Doc Boone is staring lovingly into Peacock's face.

...over a billion dollars! What the
country needs is a businessman for


Note:  hmmph...without paying much attention, I happened on mention of movieThe Man Who Shot Liberty Valence1962, which I watched not long ago on youTube, and in reading wiki's take noted mention of movieStagecoach1939, which I haven't seen since a kid, so looked about on youTube, and there's some pirated copies up...a fine movie, and I can see why so many other filmmakers and scriptwriters dote on it!...nice thing on the web now is that the old movie scripts are up...available for study!...while watching I took note of the end he gets led off in handcuffs...and John Wayne rides off with his can always hope for a Hollywood happy ending!...on Amazon I watched movieLucy2014...catching up on Scarlett Johansson...much of her acting in this one is reprised in Ghost in the Shell...that serious poker face as she delivers mayhem...and it is way over the top too metaphysical...and being French made may explain that...another catch up: movieThe Huntsman: Winter's War2016...there is some connection between this movie and Game of the same script places, like when the red heads shoot their boyfriends...exactly the same...brb...


The desire to prompt a Pavlovian response from Game of Thrones fans extends even to the casting of a leather-bound Jessica Chastain as "Sara," a fiery redhead warrior who's gifted with a bow and enjoys making love in the hot springs.


the reviewers pick up on the similarities...and too to movieFrozen, which I've yet to see...and too to the heroine archer in the Hunger Games, who if, I remember right, shoots, or is about to shoot, her boyfriend...go figure!...and the reviewers hate the Winter'sWar...I haven't seen the first one of the series, Snow White and the Huntsman...but I liked it!...I like the music, the acting, the special effect (it is being widely noted by conspiracy theorists all the black menacing oozes oozing in movies--the x'files tv show being one of the 'ur' oozes!)...and I like that it held close to fairy tale, what to call's for kids, but it has the 'ancient story'...hmmph...there's black ooze in Lucy!...too! many 'too'...stop guys, be original now and then! on youTube for black ooze, slime, etc....and there's this biofilm stuff growing now on Washington's looks like the streaks on the walls of Yosemite!...



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