Thursday, June 1, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:6/1/17

Open To Interpretation
"You know a world."
Nemo said,
Petra, Ishmael, Dana,
Turned from watching the White Whales
To regard Nemo,
Their silence broken.
"You'll know a world."
Nemo continued,
"There are worlds."
Things To Fling

So so
Tell me why
The Universe
Is ignoring me?
I've been noisy
I've been loud,
I've made things to fling.


Petra felt put upon,
Intimidated even,
Her crew as well huddled about her
On the Black Deck of Black Ship Argo.
Argo was nearly twice the size
Of Black Ship Liz
And now crewed with
Captain Glauce,
First Mate Jason,
Ariadne, and her
Fifty Amazons,
Orpheus, Eurydice,
Prometheus, Epimetheus,
Dragons Cadmus and Hermione,
And three harpies,
Four, counting Phineus.
And crowded together
With the Argo's crew was the Nautilus crew.
And all crowded around Nemo.
"Verne, explain things to them."
Said Nemo.
"Capturing a spaceship is no mean feat!"
Said Verne.
"We'll need all of you, each with your Black Dragons..."
Verne looked to Cadmus and Hermione,
"...unless you're already Dragons.
And where and when we're going
You'll all need to wear protective armor,
Black Dragons too."
Verne looked to Shades Orpheus and Eurydice...
"For some, maybe not."
"Is this what you have in mind?"
Interrupted farsighted Prometheus.
And in an eye blink his skin
From head to toe
Turned a shimmering black. 
Epimetheus followed suit
With his own suit of black armor.
Nemo, taken aback,
Approached the two Titans
To see closer what they had done.
"Just so."  said Nemo.  "Some such
We had in mind.  Can you...?"
"Manufacture more for you?
Continue," said Prometheus,
"Ours is Titan suited only. 
You have your means for the Crews and Dragons."
"Jason, is this my adventure or yours? "
Asked Nemo, turning to Jason.
Nemo looked to the mastheads,
Espying the Harpies, Phineus with them.
Nemo looked at shades Orpheus and Eurydice,
And thought long.
"Your misgivings are not unfounded."
Said Nemo to Petra.
"I brought you and your crew along
But now I, with you,
Are in tow behind Jason."
"We're here by your request, Petra, Nemo."
Protested Jason.
Nemo looked long at Prometheus,
Who stood silent, beside his brother,
Their black armor skin suits shimmering.
"We have such suits."
 Said Nemo,  turning away from Prometheus.
"Petra, show them, call your Raven Master."
"Poe!" called out Petra.
Poe stepped forward,
And one Raven flew to his shoulder,
And Poe whispered to the Raven.
A sudden,
All the Ravens from the masts and riggings of Argo,
And nearby Liz, flew down,
Perching each one on a crew member,
And in an eye blink, they were all black suited,
The Ravens transformed so into black armor.
From the masts and riggings the Gulls
Flew to the Black Dragons
Assembled on the oceans waves,
And transformed into for each Dragon
A white armor suit.
"Join your Dragons!" said Nemo.
"And find each a White Whale.
We seek another when,
Another where,
We go now to find a Black Rose!"


Notes:...hmmph...well, all along there's been some of the black ooz stuff in the Black Decks...brb...well, they're called nanites...and such...I was up all last night looking at youTube black ooz/slime I'd seen before, with more added...all these are is collections of clips from movies that have black blob like monsters...likely the only thing sinister about this is that Hollywood film makers have a 'clip art' book that they get their animations from, and it's their common source for things...and this particular animation is crowd pleasing...and film makers will not stray from tried and true crowd pleasing animations...with millions invested, to do other wise is to court disaster...which is why we in the audience are stuck with the same old's like the auto dare not stand out from the herd in car, with Suits, I...lift from the clip art!...the 'blackness' in the Black Decks has always had some of this, but it hasn't been like I've been tracing out of the clip art book, except here...these suits are right out of Guardians of the Galaxy 2...and I've seen them else ware too...hmmph...but I found something for 'my' Ravens and Gulls to do!...ral...oh, back from out Bauble, round one, and Question, round two...



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