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OTI:five poems and notes:6/5/17

Open To Interpretation
Nothing Is Ever Simple

Nemo glimpsed him
Among the crews aboard Black Ship Argo,
And then Black Dragon Onyx
Took him to Medea aboard
Black Ship Medea.
Said Medea.
"Medea...Queen Medea."
Said Hephaestus.
Onyx and Medea
Looked long at Hephaestus.
"What do we do with a
Limping god?"
Said Medea to Onyx.
"The same as Zeus,
I imagine."
Said Hephaestus.
"And who is Zeus?"
Asked Onyx.
Hephaestus looked at Medea,
And said to Onyx,
"Another god."
"And what are gods?"
Asked Onyx,
Snout to face with Hephaestus.
"For another time, Onyx,
That discussion.
What have you made now
To bring Zeus' wrath
Down on you, Hephaestus?"
Said Medea.
"I broke Prometheus' chains."
Said Hephaestus.
"I saw this Prometheus on Argo,
With his brother.
Who are they?"
Asked Onyx.
"Titans." said Hephaestus.
"More gods." said Medea.
"Hmmmph, humor me..."
Said Onyx.
"Gods are immortals."
Said Medea.
Onyx snorted smoke and flame.
"Dragons never fall.
Be done with him
And give him to this Zeus."
Said Onyx.
Medea thought,
And thought.
"Nothing is ever simple,
Grief again from the Greeks
Follows on Hephaestus.
Once beyond the Pillars
The Olympians will see
For themselves
The Black Dragons' Lands.
Athene with Theseus
Will extend Athen's Reach
Allied with Zeus'
Pursuit of the Titans."
Said Medea to Onyx.
"The Titans have gone else ware."
Said Hephaestus.
"How so?" asked Medea.
"On some adventure with Nemo,
I saw them all off,
Crews of the Nautilus,
Black Ships Argo and Liz.
They required rides,
The Northern Flight obliged.
I return to join them myself.
A trade is in the works
With Nemo in another where
Another when."
Said Onyx to Medea.
"Humor me..."
Said Medea to Hephaestus.
"What they are all about is beyond me. 
No sooner we found refuge
Beyond the Pillars aboard Argo,
Than Nemo took everyone in tow."
Said Hephaestus.
"Can you bring them back?"
Asked Medea of Onyx.
"If we hurry.
We'll need suits."
Said Onyx.
Medea looked to the masts and rigging
And a Raven flew to her and
Hephaestus, a Gull
Flew down to Onyx.
Armored black,
Medea and Hephaestus
Rode Onyx,
Armored white.

Deep within the deep blue sea
Beyond Onyx's call
The Dragon Flight,
Armored white,
Clung to the White Whales
As each crew member,
Armored black,
Hung on to their White Dragon.
The glowing Nautilus had found
A Black Rose
And the Flight followed in tow.
"Petra, something is amiss.
I can hear Onyx nearby
But only barely.
We are too deep."
Said Black Dragon Pet.
"And too far along to turn back."
Said Petra.
And just as she spoke
The white armored Black Dragon ridden White Whales
Sunk through a petal of the Black Rose,
And were bumped
To another when,
Another where.


"Good.  You made it."
Said Nemo to white armored Onyx
On his White Whale
Beside Nautilus
With his black armored passengers,
Medea and Hephaestus.
"Prometheus counseled you would.
There's much to do."
The sky was overcast
The air heavy with the smell of oil,
The surface of the ocean
Tinted with its sheen,
The White Whales unhappy with it all.
"Keep your armor on.
Here and now
There's much to
Interest you,
Said Nemo.

Silent Sky Silent Sea

"It's too quiet."
Said Black Dragon Pet to Petra.
"How so?"
Asked Petra.
"The White Whales
Tell me so.
The sea is silent.
The Ravens and Gulls
Say the sky is silent too."
"Where the hell are we?"
Asked Petra.


"It is for your benefit."
Said Automaton Twenty Seven.
"To hell with you."
Said Orwell.
"And it is for ours,
The benefit which has precedent."
The Automaton spoke
And made its case before the counsel.
"What choice have we?"
Said Wells.
"Earth is theirs now.
All we have left is this last Bubble.
At wars end
They captured the Vaults,
They have all the Seeds,
Including ours,
And all the Books to go with them."
Said Bradbury.
"Just so."
Said Twenty Seven.
"We can rain hell on them from orbit."
Said Tesla.
"We can't get to our Ships,
And they can't get to us."
Said Wells.
"A sorry fate is ours
Confined to this last Bubble,
Our last Town."
Said Orwell.
"Bring us a Ship
And you can all leave
With your Seeds,
With your Books."
Said Twenty Seven.
The counsel gave long study
To the Automaton ambassador.
"What do you want with a Ship?"
Asked Orwell.
"What you want with Seeds.
Books we have."
Said Twenty Seven.
"The Black Ships
Will have none of this!
Black Ships never fall."
Said Benetoite.
Beside him,
Black Dragon Ametrine roared.
"So be it."
Said Twenty Seven.
And left the council chamber
And the confines
Of the last Town
And its shielding Bubble.


Notes: too long of a post!...Hemingway had a counsel...don't outpace yourself...or some such...the thought being that from day to day you have to maintain a balance, kind of like a fishery ecology!, I think I know where I'm going with this!...but was hesitant to leave off, least I lose the train of notions...anyway...reference George Orwell and H. G. Wells...I join the dystopians....more tomorrowmorrow...reference Rachel Carson, bookSilentSpring...the Norwegian Seed Vaults, which just had a travail...being flooded briefly by the supposedly permanent surrounding ice and snow above the Arctic Circle...this was the 'seed' of this whole adventure...and I wanted to send the Vault safely to the Moon...and there was to be a horrific debate about 'seed' fetuses, and what 'book' they would be taught by, reared by...every creature, and every plant too, needs its ecological niche, its to save those in a 'vault', with their books, a contemplation!...oh, with Zeus on the prowl, I need to get my wayward adventurers back as soon as I can...the rest for another when!...oh, threw Tesla and Bradbury under the bubble too, this strange Dodona oak for even stranger Homeridae!...Tesla invented 'bubbles'...and Bradbury 'books'...



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