Friday, June 9, 2017

OTI:four poems and notes:6/9/17

Open To Interpretation

No one ever comes here,
Just you and I
And the other feathered creatures.
Where I am you are they are
Sky bound.
The earth bound
Have their own where.
There are worlds.

Over around even through
Every fence and wall
We fly and find
Some high leaf hidden perch
Together to cuddle and coo
And be obscenely rude
To prying earth bound
Jealous eyes.
There are worlds.

Once I found your where
No earth bound there
Dare follow.
You and I
And the other feathered creatures
Our wide sky share.
There are worlds.

Skin Deep

Now we all have it
Through the looking glass
Gazing with Mirrormirror
Beside us,
Your delicate ordeal shared,
Each lash exquisitely
Delineated with the tiny black brush,
Your eyes like
Frightened does'.
Made up make up
Makes us look
How we now know,
And still we believe.

Eternal Optimism

There is always
Some quintessential doubt,
You know?
Of course you do,
Sweet Torment,
You made it.


I should have jumped away
When the iron teethed jaws
Didn't snap shut
From some delay.
I left my leg in limping's peril
Waiting for the should response.
Still I wait,
And limp anyway.
So your crew
Are known by.


Notes:...on youTube from last night, and on through today, and maybe still, haven't looked yet tonight, Katy Perry's every movement is being video streamed...much like movieTheCircle2017...Carah Faye did a little bit of this...what happens is short twitter like messages are sent, and whoever is being streamed reads them and answers some...much like a call in radio show...that's how Carah's interview was...Katy's is like over the top elaborate...something like the reality shows, which I don't watch...and her facial features are so fetching, that viewers are taken with just how lovely she is...I love you Katy...I love you Carah...often posted...and from all genders...anyway, one camera was in the mirror Katy was looking into while she and her cosmologist were doing her eye make up...once I took a curious interest in the pallets and unusual brushes that go with make up...somehow, these might be useful in doing pastel portraits, I thought...charcoal and pastel are like my favorite things to mess with...anyway, viewers were treated to just how artistic Katy is with her make up...and I have it on good account, that girls in general, all do this with the same flare!...Katy Perry sited Tammy Fay Bakker as an inspiration!...and there you have 'there are worlds'...and unbeknownst ones to us fellows with shaggy eyebrows, and nose hairs...a cursory shave and teeth brushing in the morning, and I'm done...wonder what she is up to now...brb...she and a friend at the long buffet table looking at things on a cell phone...posts, pics?...on the right of the scene are the scrolling posts of viewers...brief one liner two liners and'm not going to stream...bad enough I blog...'Trap'...there's probably more puns here than I want...generally, that's so!...but Graves' goes on about the 'limping king', and gathers in his fashion from everywhere and when, noting that the Amazons to maintain their all girl dominance, and have men about who wouldn't use their natural physical strength to rule, would lame them...break a leg, dislocate a hip...seems cruel, but it's exactly what they do!...with little more than a mascara brush!




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