Thursday, June 29, 2017

OTI:four poems and notes:6/29/17

Open To Interpretation
Just Me
When we
I'm just me
It's not
Entirely true
To you.

On Flying Horses

Tender foots
Tender hearts
Other pursuits
Seldom master.
Their own they ride
As horseman
With lances and banners.

Romantic Moon

The residencies
Of the Romantic Moon
Haven't my telescopic
Vantage to map
Their cratered landscape.
I spy on them
And report


Attack of the Killer Ice Bergs
A giant comet strikes the earth, its remains spread across the Pacific Ocean.  Navy ships sent to investigate report giant ice bergs, then disappear.

We Did
You Didn't
One boy in the neighborhood doesn't like cats, doesn't have a cat, and survives, sorta.

Invasion Of The Foam Beasts
An inventor discovers how to instantaneously make fire suppressant foam from thin air
and can't shut it off--New York is covered to the tip of its skyscrapers,
and things are moving in the foam...

Inside the Nut Shell
Nicknamed the Nut Shell, Silicone Valley finds itself  being hacked by a poet with a sense of humor.

Oemor and Teiluj
A boy who can only speak and text words backwards, finds his sweetheart, only to lose her to Forwards.

Too Much Information
Gigantic beings land on the Moon, nude, and have sex every night...well, all the time really...
Nations of the Earth mount a space expedition to shoo them away.


Notes:...Oh, I missed the 4th street OCPC readings which are in some kind of hiatus looking for a venue, and rolled over to the Ugly Mug in's an ugly venue, nothing to compare with 4th street...they have once a Wednesdays readings's inside an old house...many old houses along Glassell in Old Orange have been converted into shops, restaurants, and such...this one has coffees and teas and non alcoholic drinks, with some homey seating inside...actually, it is a very odd interior...a film crew was about by the Traffic Circle just down the street, making a horror movie, and I thought, they missed this old house!...anyway, there were folding chairs in rows, and I sat...I wanted to read out Today is Now (posted back a couple days)...I started a string at OPCP...readout four weeks poems in all...and wanted to keep it going, regardless...but there was to be a featured singer/guitarist, and while there was an invite for open reading before her performance, I thought to pass...and just listen...and then afterwards, another invite to sign up for more open thought to...signed up...and somehow got pushed to very last, and many had picked up, so, a bit miffed, read out On Flying Horses...which actually kind of fit as a closure to the evening...whole thing reminded me of trying to join a World of Warcraft guild and run a dungeon...being new, and feeling out of place, I just tagged along...even felt like I stepped in stuff, fell in a hole, locked out by a closing door, and somehow missed the Boss and loot...readings have like Guild Masters...OCPC has one, but his effort, and the openness of the venue, never seemed the Ugly Mug I felt eves dropping on some off shoot religious group...hmmph...there are other readings about Town to explore, and further afield, far as LA and even San Diego...maybe a Quest Line to visit them...see what dungeons they are!...On facebook was a remarkable photo of an iceberg just offshore with a plain looking suburban house in the foreground...thinking on that, I put into the reply box...'oh, I can see the movie, Attack of the Monster Iceberg'...and from going through the synopsis for hundreds of movie listed year by year by IMDb, I have these things in my head...and learn they are called 'Loglines'...and I made up some...usually, I think, stories are truly made from some theme that the author feels keen about...rather than filling out something made up by free association, spitballing, stream of consciousness...hmmph...something to think an author's themes will tend to pull things to them, however random or far out they are to begin...MidnightMovie: oh, I submitted to watching a movie on amazon prime from the Zombie Apocalypse starts right off going on about the myth of Epimetheus and Pandora...Prometheus again, I thought, and so stuck it out...these zombie movies all tap into 'as flies to wanton boys'...that grim trait in people and critters to just slaughter...oh...and afterwards I studied out how a zombie spreading peril is made a actually has a real world analog...zombie fans!...the rest of us tidy up with napkins...



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