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OTI:eight poems and notes:6/19/17

Open To Interpretation

Sometimes all I want
Is a peanut butter
And jelly sandwich
With a glass of milk.

Sink Hole

Around the Bubble
Around the Last Town
The land was devastated,
Covered with what looked like
So many giant gopher hole
Entry mounds being pushed
Up with earth and stony rubble.
The Automatons were busy
Intent on making a giant void
Beneath the Last Town,
Collapsing it into a giant sink hole, 
And took little notice
Of the arrival of Shades
Orpheus and Eurydice
Riding Dragons Cadmus
And Harmonia.
In concealment among
The thrown up earth mounds
Harmonia and Cadmus
Waited beside the Bubble's
Transparent wall,
A barrier to them
And anyone and everything
Except the Dead.
Orpheus and Eurydice easily
Had walked right through it
To make a reconnoiter,
Listening in invisibly
On the Council's discussions.
But small buzzing Automaton
Scouts sighted
Cadmus and Harmonia,
And Automatons emerged
From the earth to give chase
As Orpheus and Eurydice
Rejoined Dragons
Harmonia and Cadmus.


"Earthbound, the Automatons
Chased us until
We reached the Sea's edge,
Thousands of tiny buzzing flying
Things bedeviling
Harmonia and Cadmus,
Their white armor shielding them.
They left off at the shoreline as well."
Said Orpheus.
Nemo, with his
And Petra's and Jason's crews
Astride their Black Dragons
Astride the gathered White Whales
And Nemo made a wan smile, said,
"They fear the Seas
Tinted with tinctures of
All manner of things
From the wars."
With this
The White Whales agreed
In the tinted swells
Unhappily miserably swimming.
"Patience, "
Nemo said to the Whales.
"This shouldn't take long.
Hephaestus studies a captive
Automaton, and may,
When he stops going on
About their wonders,
Find a way to counter them."
"Just so." said Hephaestus, smiling.
"King Benitoite and the Council
Came up with an idea."
Said Orpheus
"We overheard, but made
No interruption.
Their idea brought to mind
Hephaestus' lyres
That sang my tune
And so entranced the
Black Dragons.
They have the idea
To make the Automatons
And so divert them
And make escape aboard
The Black Spaceships."
"Automatons are a humorless lot."
Said Hephaestus.
"A good laugh may do the trick."
"Yes, but a Stone
Is the real trick they need."
Said Cadmus.
"Just so." said Jason.
Nemo considered,
"A Laugh will do.
The Automatons have work to do
To restore the Earth.
To the limits of knowing
They arrived too quickly,
Something different,
A simple laugh
Can make all the difference
And suffice a quarrel.
Medea, have you a spell?"
Medea astride Black Dragon Onyx
Was blended in with the crews,
Avoiding Jason and Glauce.
Glauce looked to Jason.
"A joke for Hepaestus to fashion
An Automaton laugh?"
Asked Medea of Nemo.
"Just so." said Nemo.
Medea thought,
Looked long at Hephaestus,
And said,
"I love you, Hephaestus."
Hephaestus didn't know
Whether to laugh or weep.
Orpheus picked up.
"I have your tune, Hephaestus!"
Orpheus said.
"Just so." said Hephaestus,
"We will all sing it to the
Captive Automaton.
What one hears
They all hear."


While the Automatons
Laughed themselves silly,
The Black Spaceships descended,
Gathered aboard
All the Seeds and Books
From the Vaults,
And the last of Humankind
From the Last Town
Inside the Bubble,
And followed Nemo
And all the crews
Astride the White Whales
Diving deep within
The deep blue sea
To find a Black Rose
And another when
Another ware
Prometheus and Epimetheus made
Free from Zeus.

Beside The Creek

"You are beautiful, Petra."
Said Dana.
Ishmael tilted his gaze
To see Petra's reflection
In the slow streaming water.
"Like a blue sky day."
Said Ishmael.
Petra seated between them,
Beside the Creek,
Smiled and laughed,
"Where did that come from?"

Done Is Done

Aboard Black Ship Argo
Before Medea and Hephaestus
Astride Black Dragon Onyx
Jason held Glauce close.
"Done is done".
Said Jason and Glauce.
And Medea laughed.


"I saw Black Dragon Ametrine."
Said Black Dragon Onyx
To Infant Black Dragon Ametrine.
"And King Benitoite was riding him."
Said Medea to infant Benitoite.
And the infants laughed and laughed
Together hearing the Tale.


I imagine
A hacker
With the moniker


Notes: oh, to escape the heat, I rolled over to Regal and saw is just as entertaining a second time!...both times I thought on the odd décor of Pirate Barbarossa's Pirate Ship...the deck is awash with treasures, his cabin all gold decorated...he's clearly in Pirate heaven, with a fleet of ships bringing him loot...there is such a place, I learn. land bound as it were, inside a protective alliance, a bubble!, of priests, nobility, royalty, and an agreeing population...agreeing in that they just don't storm the place and take the treasures, which have been protected for centuries by tradition and religious awe...its vaults may contain golden artifacts going back to the ancient Greeks...all in all, this 'ship' carries treasure valued in the trillions...and historical things of interest even more valuable...I'd never heard of it before, but following along the youTube 'ancient mystery' clips, happened upon it...the constellation in Pirates is the Southern Cross, I think...which appears on New Zealand's find things one needs a treasure map...the 'Dragon's Tooth' I'm thinking of may have just been a stone...that part where Jason throws something on the ground to set the risen skeletons upon one was a stone...and Cadmus threw it, and Jason too I think...brb...oh...Cadmus confronted half of the dragon's teeth, Jason the other half in his adventure...both threw a stone...that is curious!...a parallel overlap!...anyway, by Dragon Tooth, I mean these 'stones'...and just changed 'dragon tooth' to 'stone'...a reach! tall should a step be?...I ellipsed out a whole 'fragment' that went on and on with the Homeridae discussing under the Bubble the conflict with the Automatons, and how the Automatons were burrowing under them to drop them into a sink hole...thinking on this while reading yet another dire report about the nuclear power plant disaster at Fukishima, I thought, maybe they could rescue matters by dropping the whole mess into just a fashioned sink hole, and covering it up!...a bit overboard, and then scared myself thinking they might use an underground nuclear explosion to make the sink hole!...Michael Crichton left behind a new novel that just came out called the Dragon's Teeth based on the Old West Bone Wars, a time when paleontologists were fiercely competing, and burrowing, to find dinosaurs!...


the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues.
  • a set of dots indicating an ellipsis.



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