Thursday, June 22, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:6/22/17

Open To Interpretation
BlackSpace Ships
from Black Dragon Lore

BlackSpace Ships
Are much to large to be
If such,
They look out of place.
They are the last
Metamorphosis of Black Ships.
Once upon another Time,
Captain Nemo stole one
During the rescue
Of the Last Town
From the Automatons
And brought it Home.

A Ride To A Star

Petra's small
Black Ship navy
Was all docked at the
Wharves of Harbor
Beneath Volcano Never,
Returned from Nemo's adventure.
And in the center
Of the circular crater bay
Lay a new island,
Or so the
BlackSpace Ship seemed.
"When can we go
For a ride to a Star?"
Asked Petra of Nemo.
"Soon enough,"
Said Nemo,
"Soon enough."
And the crews looked out on
The BlackSpace Ship with wonder.
"Has it a name?"
Asked Petra.
"For you to christen,
It waits."
Said Nemo.
Said Petra.
"BlackSpace Ship Wonder."
And over the Black Ships
Storm Clouds gathered
Struck through with
Lightning filigrees
Colored corposants
Flung skyward
From the Black Ships' masts,
Wind filling the Black Sails,
Tugging the Black Ships at their anchorage.
'They salute!"
Said Ishmael.
"Just so."
Said Petra.
"Soon enough
BlackSpace Ship Wonder
Will gallop to a Star!"


Notes: well, I wrote those up on the iphone notepad, and set them aside, thinking there might be something more...and indeed there was!...I rolled over to AMC movie theaters to see movieTransformerLastKnight, and as I was getting my ticket, noted above and behind the cashier a poster with one word at the was a movieWonderWoman poster, as the text at the bottom explained...brb...there's a couple with just one word 'wonder'...can't find the one I saw...and during Transformers there were enough kid fans about with the enthusiasm to cheer at moments like when Optimus Prime comes to his is a rolling lyrical mash up...I remember buying as xmas present for my nephew a transformer toy a foot and half tall...I was a bit impressed by it my own self...this in the 70's...for awhile around Glen Aulin in Yosemite, there was a blond bear nicknamed favorite part was when Anthony Hopkins goes on and on about the 'Homeridae'...about famous sorts who have been aware of the Transformers hidden on Earth over the centuries...a curious conceit...this was before, I watched back a ways on amazon prime video watched movieAeon Flux2005...this movie stars Charlize Theron, who I keep seeing in preview for movieAtomicBlonde2017...last couple movie visits, this preview hasn't shown...cycled out I guess...kind of miss it!...I'd seen this movieAeon a long time back, and thought it discomforting...another tale about a last stand city...and started to watch an amazon series...brb....Charlie Jade Season 1...another dystopian tale with a last stand town, St. Louis this time...hmmph...left off...a few left off from Transformers was very long...and cartoonish...took some fiddling to come up with BlackSpace Ship...just that phrase...which I like...oh...OCPC has lost its venue, and on the hunt for a new one...readout there Doorways last Wednesday...poets that night who read, and sang, were very good, from very first timers to the one who sang a cappella an old spiritual very very well...the venue there is unique and ideally suited...hope sometime they can get it back for readings...evening to be used for 'family evening movies' now...there's just too many 'movie evenings'...



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