Thursday, June 8, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:6/8/17

Open To Interpretation

No One Listens

In the story
(been said there's only one)
You can tell the future
But no one will listen.
Your storyteller has it,
And his listeners
See right away
What he says you mean,
Your fellow characters
Not in the know.
Listened to with
A knowing smile,
Without a storyteller
What hope have you?
You babble on
About the phases of the Moon.


Notes: hmmph...happened on movieDivergent2014, and so on to movieInsurgent2015...I thought the third part of the trilogy was in the works, but find it, movieAllegiant2016, is available too...and some TV sequels?...didn't read close, don't want to spoil seeing the third(update: watched Allegiant too now after posting:))...they're about a city in a 'bubble'...see previous post...hmmph...go's about a dystopian future Earth, set in a ruined Chicago which is behind a tall odd looking wall, keeping the inhabitants safe, or some such...except they find ways to menace one another...Kate Winslet being a fine villainess!...the trilogy should maybe in the credits reference Robert Graves'  bookSevenDaysInNew Crete1949...


The book is narrated by a mid-20th century poet, Edward Venn-Thomas, who is transported forward in time by the New Cretans. Society is organised into five "estates" or social groups: captains, recorders (scribes), commons (by far the most numerous), servants, and magicians or poets (the least numerous), which are analogised to the five fingers of a hand.


...missing from wiki's take are the intervening nuclear wars Graves' describes, and his tale is how the survivors react to them, in fact, his whole oeuvre is a kind of prequel on how to survive annihilating oft time dystopian theme, as in the Insurgent Trilogy...hmmph...'Cassandra'...reference Cassandra at Troy during the Trojan War..'one story' reference Robert Graves 'To Juan At The Winter Solstice'...'storyteller' Homer...'babble on', Babylon...'what hope have you' I thought first to be 'what hope have I?'...oh, a tvmovieAlasBabylon1960 is about...I don't know if I saw me, the best, my favorite, dystopian story, Star Man's Son by Andre Norton!...don't panic...this quote is from wiki's take on shortstoryAlasBabylon1959


Randy (Randolph) Bragg lives in the small Central Florida town of Fort Repose and appears to be drifting down a somewhat aimless path in life when his older brother, Colonel Mark Bragg, an Air Force Intelligence officer, sends a telegram ending in the words, "Alas, Babylon", a pre-established code between the brothers warning of impending disaster. Mark is flying his family down to Fort Repose for their protection while he stays at Strategic Air Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska.
Soon afterward, an American fighter pilot, attempting to intercept an enemy plane over the Mediterranean, inadvertently fires an AIM-9 Sidewinder heat-seeking missile that goes off course and hits an ammunition depot in Latakia, Syria,,_Babylon



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