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OTI:four poems and notes:6/11/17

Open To Interpretation
Come Back

Some days
You can come back
From the end of the Pier
With bucket loads of fish,
More than enough to eat
So some for the cats
And food for the flower beds.
Some few
From the Flowery Wars
Come back with bouquets,
Buckets full to sell by the roadside,
Some for you and yours,
Some for the above and below.

Clock Tic

Who's to know
If we're here or there?
Time only remembers
Who the nameless applauded,
And Time is but a clock tic.
So nameless you and I
Enjoy our freedom
Away from loud Time
In our here and now
Timeless quietness.

Poems Have Minds

Poems have minds
Of their own
You know?
They're like mountains
Looking down on you
You didn't make me!
Dismissing all your
Auto biographical delusions
That they have
Anything to do with you,
You with your vanity
To climb them
Name them
Sign them.

Easy To Say

Easy to say you believe in Jesus
And once said
Your on your way
Heaven bound.
And it's easy to say
You're a poet
Your words sublime
Your verse immortal.
Is easier said than done.
Stick with Jesus,
I'd say.


Notes:...MidnightMovie:...movieTheMummy2017...critics all say it's too...wanted to get up and was something to endure like the long previews always...we pay and are reluctant to throw it away and so keep our seats...I learned a new word...mash urban slang meaning much the same as pastiche!...hmmph...somehow Jeckyll and Hyde got in with the Mummy...and poor Russell Crowe...oh!...the movie has the menacing Crows/Ravens as does movieInsurgentTrilogy, and seriesmovieGameOfThrones...clearly the Ravens/Crows are in the animated 'clip art' book the movie makers are all Ravens in the BlackDeckTales are from my fondness for the Valley Town here there are lots of Crows, and favorites the wild Parrots...the Mummy movie was obviously drawn from the animation clip art book...and then a script was added to kind of join together the vignettes...and the script is the gawdawful...and the vignettes we've all seen...and seen first and better in the other recent movieMummy1999 starring Brendan Frazer, which was a lot of fun, and re-watchable, hence the follow ons...


The box-office success led to a 2001 sequel, The Mummy Returns, as well as The Mummy: The Animated Series, and the prequel/spin-off film The Scorpion King. Seven years later, the third installment, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, opened on August 1, 2008. Universal Pictures also opened a roller coaster, Revenge of the Mummy, in 2004. Novelizations of the film and its sequels were written by Max Allan Collins.


hmmph....good luck making a sequel, Tom Cruise...always find his acting annoying!...about the animated clip art book...this is just my conjecture that there is one...but I'm sure the computer graphics gurus will own up to there being one...and a clip art book is a curio, insomuch as I'm on about Egypt...the ancient Egyptians had a clip art book...the scholars know this as for centuries the Egyptian artists drew the wall paintings to a set grid pattern of proportions...and then, for some reason, they changed the proportions of the grid, and for centuries after drew from the new design...towards the end of Egyptian culture, the paintings began to look like 'mash-ups' images were being used willy-nilly, the artists not having the same understanding as earlier ones...notion is the 'clip art' books got lost...which segues me into last night's romp!...ancient polygonal walls!...all over the world are these ancient polygonal, there are polygonal walls and there are polygonal walls!...the simplest sort are when you just stack stones together...stacking them in a fashion to fill all the voids the irregular shapes leave wall building developed, stones were cut to size, made into blocks and such...and stacked...Egypt's Pyramids famously so...a curio is that the Egyptians would build their temples and pyramids out of stone, but their dwellings, forts, palaces, out of mud bricks...this is a reflection of the power of their clip book art...everything in Egypt came out of the clip that I think about it, likely even the is very hard to fathom now what all they were about...the clip art books are lost, as is the culture/ isn't like the Egyptians disappeared...their clip art got subsided into modern clip art books...which is what is seen when scholars note the similarities between modern religious regalia and scripts, and ancient ones...back to the polygonal walls!...I like, you know, I follow along the wild tales, which are now all over youTube...and during any night I wake up a few times. and before going back to sleep, I check 'the mail' iphone mailbox...then I check the news, to see if it's okay to go back to sleep!...and I might browse a bit facebook or google some idea...checking for mail was always a singular and important event of the, we all check nearly moment to moment!...anyway, I've been thinking how to find an hypothesized ancient clip art book that at some point was known on all continents...'ancient polygonal walls' seemed a search that might do this...related to polygonal stones, are the Herodian Stones...these are the big stones used in the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem...famously they can be seen at the Wailing Wall...not so famously, I discovered, they can be seen at a place on the Golan Heights called Nimrod's Castle...Herodian Stones are from King Herod's time, the ancient Roman ruler of Israel and  famous for his building projects...these stones are huge, and something of a mystery how they were fashioned and put into place...which of course is what befuddles everyone about the ancient polygonal stones, the most famous being the ones in Peru...the Incas left no writing, what ever clip art book they had, is lost...they did a lot with knots and string to record things, but that's another mystery!, so, I'm watching yet another youTube about the polygonals, and the clip author has come up with the notion that the stones are made from concrete...this is not is often conjectured the ancient Egyptians made things with concrete...and it's well know the Romans made the Pantheon, and much else, with concrete...even King Herod made underwater harbor works at Caesarea with concrete that could harden underwater...the clip art book for concrete was lost until like the 1700s, and then gradually developed into what we know today...a concrete expert in the White House!...anyway...the youTube author has a new take on the concrete notion...the concrete was put into bags...and the bags stacked and held in place with forms...or some such...he admits himself he hasn't the details, or how it is all worked out....and he's come up with this just viewing youTubes and web pics...which is all I have too!...anyway, the thought is the concrete was poured into bags...and I thought...wait...I have one of these polygonal the back of my pick up under the camper shell, I had left a bag of concrete set all winter...and the camper shells windows were open, so a lot of dampness got into the back of the camper, and the concrete 'set' in another fashion...I have a block of concrete in the shape of the bag!...recalling that, and looking at the polygonal walls in Peru, I can see how it might be that a concrete mix was bagged, and the bags set on top of one another, and then allowed to get damp...and the dampness set the concrete...wala...a wall...I've got to try and make one of these on a small would be remarkably a bunch of bags in the polygonal style, fill them with concrete, stack them, and mist them somehow to let dampness gradually set the concrete...while they are still damp, but nearly set, one could cut away the bags from the surface, and do things to the surface...and right here is a curio that brings doubt to the whole one, I would think, could resist putting their handprint in wet concrete, and there's no evidence of this fooling fact, the ancients didn't seem to fool around at all...there's very little graffiti or capricious stuff...I don't know if doing such just didn't occur to them, or the sacredness of their endeavors proscribed any such...when graffiti and capriciousness does begin to appear in art, it's like the time of 'mash ups'...the ancient clip art artisans' discipline lost!...the ancients seemed to have 'grown' their artistries and cultures the way trees grow's all organic, and very mysterious!...people have so much fun wondering about these mysteries, it would be a shame, the thought comes, to solve them!...those Herodian stones might be concrete too...set in wooden forms...
and in a second clip, the youTube author considers that the polygonals are a façade, like a stucco, like the casing stones on the great pyramid...which is curious!...just such are the polygonal stones on the old bridges in Yosemite Valley!



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