Saturday, June 24, 2017

OTI:six poems and notes:6/24/17

Open To Interpretation
Bulwer-Lytton's Lament

Oh, satiric
I was I was as
A dark and stormy night
And it is it is
And there's no
Other way to express it!

Lear's Lament

Never being sure,
I begin every reading
Thinking it's all parody
And indeed it brings a laugh
This mirrored hearing
Of my own words.
And yours?
My ears become eyes
Unsure you are serious
Or in love.

Hamlet's Lament

A purple pomp
I am
Alliterated illiterate
To be
Considered or
Not to be.

Ophelia's Lament

This is how someone
Becomes no one
Becomes someone
Becomes no one
Trying to be your
Someone again

Beast's Lament

And return
To my already
Dystopian realm.
So fated,
It is done with me
Without you,
Only standing awhile
Awaiting ruin.

Macbeth's Lament

Out of doors, allusions are okay,
Their apparitions harmless sorts.
Inhabitants of imagination's forests
Are the frightful ghosts
Too real to decay from these pages.


Notes: oh, they didn't start out to be anyone else's laments, but I got to tinkering...and could do a bunch more!...but I wanted to do a note about just one scene in a movieAppleseedAlpha2014 there's a moment when the heroine Deunan just sits downs in the post apocalyptic ruins of New York (another Last Town) and despairs of anything ever being right again...and, I thought, I see folk like that everyday...the dystopian worlds of these dystopian films is already here...minus the bombs having dropped, sure, (except in Syria!) but  Roosevelt put it, 'there's nothing to fear but fear itself'...and that's the pre bomb dystopian fear ruins before post bomb dystopian feared ruins we live in...if that seems too grim, prove me wrong...Appleseed is a fine movie, and how I found it, a curio!...for a moment, I took myself serious, and remembered I had posted that I would get up to date and current with all the movies!, I movies 2014 and such, and landed on IMDb sites for such, and discovered that just for 2014 there are like...brb...9,259 Titles!...sheesh...fascinated, I went through the listing, and around 400 noted Appleseed, and the synopses mentioned it was by the same author of Ghost in the House, the manga tales and movies...I went through 1954, curious, as this is when my 'Movie Time' began...about 1,900 listings...noted there around 400 movieDevilGirlFromMars1954...


An uptight, leather-clad female alien, armed with a ray gun and accompanied by a menacing robot, comes to Earth to collect Earth's men as breeding stock.


amazon lists it but doesn't have it...youTube has it but one must subscribe to the someones who have snatched up old movies...disappointed not to see it!...but there are some trailer clips on youTube...coincidentally, Deunan is paired with a cyborg sorta robo cop robot in Appleseed...Appleseed has a terrific funkiness too it, a sound track that doesn't over power, and some hip back and forth dialog...sure it's cartoonish...and lifts from the genre...the spider like weapon of mass destruction looks to be right out of movieWildWildWest1999...I...I can't imagine how all these movies get seen in the theaters...and in truth, they must not be, and find their viewing venue in dvds and's become a study to scroll through the lists, considering the synopsis...synopsi?...feel a bit like Rod Taylor in movieTheTimeMachine1960 when he discovers the table with the spinning discs...IMDb''s lists are present world already past...referencing the purple prose line A Dark and Stormy Night, I found there was a move parody made, movieDarkAndStormyNight2009...rented it from amazon, but left off...many many of these movies, like this one, are so low budget as to be un-viewable! they ever come to be made a wonder...of late, Devil Girls abound, and us fellows happily sit harvested with popcorn and soda!...last night caught up some and saw the first movieGuardiansOfTheGalaxy2014...same cast as the second, and again a very good movie...plot is sorta like Appleseed...what!, overall, there's like nine plots, I've!...well, the playing fields are changeless...the playing is the thing!'s not purple, it's parody through and through...sorta...




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