Wednesday, June 14, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:6/14/17

Open To Interpretation

I can make
Megalithic words
Polygonal vowels
Joined together with
Alliterated tight consonants
Stacked mortarless 
Walled up on a white page
To defy all logic
And mystify the ages
As to their
Monolithic construct
Carved or melted
Concrete or clay
Too heavy to move
Or remove from a history
Moving on
Levered or levitated
Dragged or teleported
However moreover
There they are
Unspoken spoken
Somethings or nothings
Intelligible or a foreign babble
Reasoned or hallucinated
From this world
Or the next
Known or unbeknownst
O'r grown with tropical forests
Or high mountain lichens
Rain and snow
Heat and frost
Earthquake shaken
Landslide lost
Meteor hammered
Tsunami flooded
Glacially moved
Poems I can
Make them
Linteled doorways
False or True
Shut or Open


Notes:...oh I wanted to do a Note all day about movieSnowWhiteTheHuntsman2016, but didn't have a poem to post...can't do a note without a poem...the notes are silly...kinda like the construction crew of a house leaving behind explanatory transcripts of what they were about and what they talked about at lunch! homeowner just wants a house, after midnight, I was about to go to sleep, having set aside looking at youTubes about ancient mysteries, and out popped this poem...hmmph...a bit megalomaniacacal I'd say...but it came from contemplating those polygonal Inca stone walls, specifically the one in Cuzco...and I thought, I wonder if the shapes, the polygon joints, could be words, and telling or announcing one clip, a local points out that the stones in places depict abstract lizards, birds...a condor...but what if it is more, I thought, and each corner, angle, and such of the joints...hence 'polygonal vowels'...and the poem tumbled out...False or True is a reference to some of the old lintel dooraways being 'false' doors...their walled up, or inexplicable just blanks entrances in rock faces and such...both the Egyptians and the Inca have them...


 false door is an artistic representation of a door which does not function like a real door. They can be carved in a wall or painted on it. They are a common architectural element in the tombs of Ancient Egypt and Pre-Nuragic Sardinia. Later they also occur in Etruscan tombs and in the time of Ancient Rome they were used in the interiors of both houses and tombs.

unquote take authors don't mention the Incas'...brb...casting about, there are others, in other places, notable Turkey/King Midas...I'd link, but so many ads...ancient mysteries are like penultimate clic bait!...I'm trying to collect similarities and so a 'clip art book'...(see previous post) I found the bumps/knobs on the big stones...common in Peru...and found so far one place other...Menkaure  Pyramid, left off there before it was finished, and at the base one can see their unfinished work on the casing stones...some of them have those distinctive knobs...too, they have the butterfly clamp niches between these were metal clamps...Egypt and the ruins around Lake Titicaca have these...oh, I think lots of places have these...too, the Inca walls (which may be pre-Inca) are made of casings stones, the polygonals, over a rubble/everydaystones interior...I wonder if the Egyptian pyramids are like this too...first they are a step pyramid just made of dirt and retaining walls around each terrace step...see the agricultural terraces of the Incas! that...then the rough limestone blocks were levered up each terrace, and 'dressed' the narrow edges of each terrace...and then casing stones were put on top of them...I think it's thought that the Great Pyramid is limestone blocks all the way through set atop an outcrop, and then the casing stones were added...the Arabs pilfered all the casing stones to build would have to take it apart to get to the bottom of things...the Arab's tried to take apart Menkaure's pyramid, but it was too much work!, so...three things...the knobs, the butterfly clamps, the false's odd how the Menkaure casing stones 'dress' up...some are finished, some partly, some very rough...and next to one another, so one can see the process...apparently, they started dressing from the bottom...the rough stones look to have gaps between them, but then in the transition to be finished, the gaps close to those famous 'can't put a piece of paper' between them...forgot Joseph Davidovits...he's famously conjectured the Egyptians had cement technology...don't know what he thought of the Inca's...brb...


Our research is focusing on ancient ceramics, mortars, cements, concretes, synthetic (man made) stone, building arts representative of ancient civilizations like: pharaonic Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome empire, precolumbian America, as well as stone age artefacts from Europe and Asia).


wonder if they have tried the bag wall is overwhelming to think that back then they all had a technological clip art book...and worse, the outlandish things they did with it!...oh, but no less than the modern movie makers graphic animation clip art book! Snow White: The Huntsman, the menacing Ravens make yet another appearance...(what did Hitchcock begin!)...Ravenna can transform into a flock of Ravens, or de-transform...see the movie! too I like very much like it's Prequel, Winter, so, Ravens in Game of Thrones, Insurgent Trilogy, The Mummy2017, and Snow White: The Huntsman...the black ooze/slime is in Snow White too, and in too many others to list, and for that list, see youTube!...if it seems I'm on a double track here, that might be an describe an ancient clip art book, along side a modern movie animated graphic clip art book the movie makers draw from!...oh, by 'graphic animated clip art' I mean the underlying, what to call it, 'filter' that makes things, and become a both The Mummy2017 and Snow White: The Huntsman, the villainesses inhale the life out of their victims to make themselves young...the victims becoming old, most times dried up all together!...did they add that theme to Snow White?...the old trying to hang on to youth, and cruelly so, and youth's review has it scholars from colleges helped out making that film, which may be where it gets its depth...oh, there are Ravens too in the movieAmityville Horror...Poe looks on, non-committal...




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