Sunday, June 4, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:6/4/17

Open To Interpretation

Big Dreams

Oh!  Big Dreams
To make a movie,
To make a song,
To make you
Sing along.


Did someone say 'Hello'?
I burped.
Oh! (much laughter).
Hey, there's a word for that
I'm trying to learn!
(more laughter).


Notes:  I must be part walrus or elephant seal...I find it pleasant to be hauled out on some beach with all the other walruses and seals watching a with the reclining seats the simile approaches exactness!...and now I'm giving myself the grandiose excuse that I'm studying scripts and such...which in a way has always been a true-some...everyone I think takes an interest in how movies are, so. I rolled over to Regal and saw movieWonderWoman2017...and marveled that the story dwelled so long on the Amazon's island, and that the audience followed along fact, the audience stayed glued to the story all the way through...which was it is a pastiche too like the Black Deck fact...the scriptwriters and I have lifted buckets of stuff from the same wells...Diana's mom is Hippolyta...'I've heard that name before!', through the movie I thought, and checked soon as I got was Hippolytus I was thinking of...and find, studying out the Amazon Queen Hippolyta, some myths have it she is the mother of Hippolytus...and this after being ravaged by the fug head Theseus...and he must have done this after he dropped off Ariadne...and makes Hippolyta queen of Athens...and the Amazons come for her, and there is a war, the Attic War...oh!...I can interweave this into the Black Deck Tales...and maybe  I can get Hippolyta on to the Argo somehow with the fifty Amazons...she and Ariadne have something in common...fug head Theseus!...the villain in the movie is Mars...goes on and on about what he's about...and more in keeping with Zeus than Mars...Zeus is the god who came to regard humanity as a kind of pestilence...Black Ship Argo presently crewed with humanity enablers--opponents of Zeus!...Mars is war as frolic...there's not a whole lot of philosophizing to it, or him...and the upshot of the movie is that Wonder Woman too becomes an enabler of humanity with love and all, appropriate to her name Diana, which is Roman for Aphrodite(nope...Diana is Artemis...and strangely exact, insomuch Hippolytus is devoted to Artemis, and Artemis is goddess of the Amazons!)...well, I open Graves' Greek Myths on my nightstand,'s complicated...but it is always a curio to note how interwoven the Greek heroes are...the movie is terrific...critics will lambast it for its comic-bookness, and disjointed is best regarded as a series of vignettes, which is what I have been trying to do...they're linked, but often beyond credibility...which is just how the old Greek myths are, where I got the notion!...the part where she is at the front, and just takes over, is heart rending...take a handkerchief with!...'Mondegreen'... I happened on this word studying out the song 'Edge of Seventeen' by Stevie Nicks...seems she miss- heard a friend...brb...


According to Stevie Nicks, the title came from a conversation she had with Tom Petty's first wife Jane, about the couple's first meeting. Jane said they met "at the age of seventeen", but her strong Southern accent made it sound like "edge of seventeen" to Nicks. The singer liked the sound of the phrase so much that she told Jane she would write a song for it and give her credit for the inspiration.[3]

... ... ...
Perhaps appropriate for a song named for a mondegreen, "Edge of Seventeen" has been cited frequently as a source of misheard lyrics since its release. The line "Just like a white winged dove" is sometimes misheard.[8][9][10][11]

end quote

'glitch in the software'...

Oh, John Wayne in movieStagecoach says he was 'going on seventeen' when he got tossed into the hoosegow...and the Beatle's 'she was just seventeen'....oh!...there's an innuendo!...age of consent in England...between innuendos and mondegreens I'm a lost soul...



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