Sunday, May 28, 2017

OTI:four poems and notes:5/28/17

Open To Interpretation
It was dark and loud.
You like stormy nights?

You're You

You're you
And I'm me
You remember me
I remember you,
Don't forget.

Dumbo Has Big Ears

One after another
I polished the carousel ponies'
Brass poles,
Their gallops arrested
But the music still played.

Blue Sky

"Truer than true
No truth is here
So truer than true
Than anywhere everywhere.

Else ware
There's no telling
If I'll leave alone
Or leave with you,
Truer Than True.

Truer than true
When the sky is blue
Truer than true
No truth pursue.

Truer Than True,
When I'm with you
Truer than true
I won't lie to you.

Truer than true
Songs sing their tune
To end in silence
Truer than true.

Truer than true
I know my ending
No sooner beginning
With Truer Than True.

Truer than true
The night goes on and on and on
Truer than true
Everywhere everyone like a song.

Truer Than True,
When I'm with you
I know my end
Truer than true.

Truer than true
Has many names.
Truer than true
The one you claim.

Truer Than True,
Truer than true
I miss you
When I look beside me
And see the sidewalk empty
When the sky is blue
Truer than true.

Never trust,
Truer Than True,
A blue sky day
Or one who loves you
Truer than true."

Petra finished singing
And looked out over the blue sea
Which was filled with the
White Whales cavorting and spouting.
Ishmael and Dana stood
On either side.
"Never trust a blue sky day."
Said Ishmael.
"Just so." said Dana.
"You feel the dread
Of this adventure
As I do?"
Asked Petra.
Ishmael and Dana
Watched the White Whales in silence.


Notes: hmmmp...the echoplex event concert was called PLAG, for Play Like A Girl...odd title, but a pushback at the notion of weakness being girlish...something like twelve bands and performers...too many to review, and be fair...arrived for the first show...I was sorta first in line, 3:30 pm...but some had been let in, then that was thought better of, and we waited...a small crowd, very small to begin...think first band was miffed at this...and following bands too until the crowd grew enough to have the confidence to belly up to the stage...then things were fine, though crowd never big...crowds are shy...Kitten and her band destroyed that of course...and they've improved!...I think Shiny Toy Guns rubbed off on they just need some knockdown songs of their own...long day...snacked in a Mexican restaurant on Sunset Bloulevard, sat in Echo Park awhile...four bluegrass musicians there sitting close together on turned over five gallon buckets...pic for sometime...'Dark' explaining my affinity for dark places with loud music...many photogs and videographers about...made me think of selling everything and buying cameras, which is what watching other photogs with expensive gear makes one think!...brb...Purple Rain Kitten's cover...very good phone clip posted to youTube...'You're You'...more to this to make for sometime..."Dumbo...' this has more to it too!...'Blue Sky'...missed the song making effort...another go...MidnightMovies: rolled out this afternoon...saw movieBayWatch2017...much fun!...oh...during Smoke Season's set they tossed balloons...some like hot dogs in a bun...had collected some souvenirs, a poster, a T, a Kitten postcard, a gift bag with candy, pins and such...and thought to take one of the balloons, so was holding it,with my hand inside it...some of the low tones and beats would vibrate the air in the balloon, and so on my!...Kitten's hair has grown out some...first song she spoofed everyone with a wig...she has a singingdance...many singers dance while they sing, but only a few singdance too...Carah Faye, Lindsey Stirling, come to mind...famously there's the likes of Jagger, and Prince...being slender helps! being able to carry a tune helps singing!...and I hear protests from the rappers here...that's not SongDancing, that's bouncing about! Blue Sky reference Journey's Don't Stop Believing...and Katy Perry cut her hair...go figure...send Baywatch after Miley...OH!...a nod to Dr. Suess...unbeknownst, I did a cover...

"Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is youer than you."

from Happy Birthday To You




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