Friday, May 5, 2017

OTI:five poems and notes:5/5/17

Open To Interpretation
Maybe You

Maybe you
Can salvage something
From my wreckage.
Come sit with me,
For a start,
I like your knees
That you show off with
Your short dress.
I certainly haven't meant
To be of your school.
It just worked out that way.
Aphrodite wouldn't have me,
Something about being flimsy.
And now, how am I to persuade you?
What offering can I give?
Oh, you're off running with the deer,
Those big tendons
Behind your knees
My view left behind.

Second Hand Store

Even the second hand store
Has gotten to be pricey.
From the white truck
I drop off old books
At the warehouse docks,
A bin provided by an attendant
Who is helpful,
Do you want a receipt?
There's a constant stream
Of drop offs
And I roll out from my
Waited for parking slot
And find another
So as to shop awhile
In the second hand store.
I'd be embarrassed
That you'd see me
Scruffy as the jumbled shelves
Perusing the aisles.
Maybe that's all I've become
Having seen so much
From old books and such,
A second hand touch.


You wished so hard
But didn't speak it
Having fore sworn speech
But nonetheless
He turned up
Dead as a door nail.
And later on,
Someone you loved
So much
A sudden in a pool of blood
On a day normally given
Over to gifts just for you.
Enough to go
Into a funk again
But not enough
To shut up again.


Rhea arrived on the scene,
Red pantaloons and black blouse
Over her black skin,
Captaining her Red Ship
At the Black Wheel
Escorted by the Eastern Flight
Of Red Dragons.


Notes: sooner I figure something out than something comes back in...oh!...

No Sooner

No sooner
I figure something out
Something comes back in. afore mentioned, when I paste text from yahoo mail into the blog editor, it shows up double spaced...along with the usual editing, I then have to restore the text to single spacing...well, I accidentally left the editor after only typing one added word to the long pasted double space text, and to get back to it, in the list of posts it was the draft at top, it opened single spaced...all of it!...go that's what I do now, go out and back...and now of late, even the slightest touch of the mouse wheel sends me all over the page, usually a scroll up instead of down, as my fingers first touch on the wheel sends it up...really annoying!...still working on fix...(update: fix was to put a new battery in it...okay now!)partial is to go into control panel, internet setting, advanced, unclick smooth scroll (a ways down the list of advanced options)...there are more advanced fixes I gather from crowd sourcing this...I'm not advanced...a bit 'flimsy'...hmmph...reference Artemis' and Aphrodite's eternal quarrel...reference Prince's rasberry beret from the second hand store...reference Maya Angelou and her cookbook, the first one...a surprise take home from the second hand bookstore at the Library...Rhea...would like the Black Deck Tales to be inclusive...and not at all sure how to go about World of Warcraft, when one makes a new toon, they have options for skin color, hair color, style, clothes, facial features...messed with Red Dragons and White Dragons, Blackship and Redship, etc....hmmph...reference Rhea the Titaness...



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