Sunday, May 7, 2017

OTI:eight poems and notes:5/7/17

Open To Interpretation

Fish Swim

I ain't gonna say
It ain't foolish.
How it ever can be
I don't know.
I am cartoonish
In this animated play.
The stage hands
Not to fret
When I'm mulish and bray.
Fish swim and lovers pray.

The Red Ships
From Black Dragon Lore

Over time,
Black Ships continue to grow,
Albeit slowly,
And on occasion
When the oldest of the old
Are seen it is seen
The hulls have become
Deep maroon red,
The Black Sails
Mottled black and white,
And the rigging
Attended by great Bats and Owls.
They gallop,
Albeit slowly,
Only at night.
At day
They sleep, hidden within
Grey fog bank shrouds
Of their own making
And dream Red Ship dreams.


To be an individual
Is one thing,
To be part of a group
I can't speak
For another,
Our loyalties
Being what they are.

Offshore Wind

The Greek Ships were afar off
From Piraeus,
And the warning of their arrival
Spread through the Minoan Ships
And they manned they're oars
Least an entrapment sink
Them all in the harbor.
The off shore evening wind
Drove shoreward
The Geek Ships, sails full,
And it was swiftly done,
Black Ship harpoons flung,
Minos' ships set ablaze
And in disarray.
Poseidon brought a fog
And what remained
Escaped that night,
Minos and Pasiphae
Home bound to Crete,
Sword in hand,
Enthroned at Athens;
Athena's victory.


Can I continue
Having become
An object of study
By your crew?
Just so,
What can they find out
That you don't already know?

So I'm one
Of those remarkable
That goes
From a giggle
To an 'Oh!'
And back to a giggle.
Things aren't all show!


What a world this is
I've been given over to,
Captive, shuffling behind,
Shackled and chained
With all my kind all grumbling
At hearing you cackle,
What a world,
What a world
What a world.


So, soldier,
No one knows we're here,
Or gives a F*k.
What do you think we all are,


Notes:  Fish Swim...wanted this one to be a song...hence 'gonna' and 'ain't'...for sometime...Another...a try at sorting things out...Offshore Wind...tying up a loose end!...Continue...'proceeding/proceed' a refrain...Giggle...a goof...WWW...reference movie Wizard of Oz1939...Wicked Witch of the West...a goof with puns...Carp...another try at sorting things run with a pack is the happiest of be without a tribe likely the unhappiest!...The Red Ships...a new favorite!...oh, looking for the WWW, I found a site full of speech quotes, American Rhetoric...and American!



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