Sunday, May 21, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:5/21/17

Open To Interpretation

Horseshoe Crab
"What time are we in?
Check your inflection,
So words you hear
Will tell your time.
A horseshoe crab
Can be a long time
One time
Always the same time
A horseshoe crab.
But with delicate discernment
Of Humankind singing
Even a day an hour a minute
Of an Age can be determined.
Our when is today,
Tomorrow always tomorrow.
Nemo comes
To bring tomorrows to today
And today to tomorrows."
Pip finished singing,
And Petra and her crew
Gave attention to
Nemo's interruption.
Beside Black Ship Liz,
The Nautilus fastened,
And Nemo, with Verne,
Clambered aboard.
"I'm in need of all of you,
And then some."
Said Nemo.
"Another adventure?"
Asked Petra, trying to be laconic
And not show her eagerness.
"Just so."  Said Nemo.
"I have in mind to steal a spaceship."
At that, Petra's crew
Looked surprised and puzzled,
Never having heard of such,
Petra and Ishmael included.
"Verne, explain 'spaceship' to them."
Said Nemo
"Petra, Ishmael, call on your Ravens.
We need to find
Black Ship Argo for enlistment.
And we'll need the Black Dragons."
"You'll need the White Whales!"
Said Melville.
"Just so," said Nemo, "them too."


Notes: reference Horseshoe Crabs...I saw them once near John Pennekamp Park in second concoction a success, sorta...made up a bowl of Potato Salad, which I realized is more like Egg Salad with Potatoes...Egg Salad was the first is Macaroni Salad...trouble with the Potato Salad was I don't know shelf long things keep...Eggs I used were like three weeks old...tasted okay, and I munched on it for three or four days, then grew weary of it, and then suspicious after a week it may be old...tasted fine, with no ill effects...but I tossed like half of it...going through the cookbooks, I have recipes in my head, and see a self similarity with 'concocting' a narrative!...after study, one forays out to gather ingredients, apportions them, chop chop stir stir, and some cooking and chilling, and then one sits down for the climax...taste buds delighted, hunger sated...hmmph...simple enough...until one considers the hazards of ingesting the wrong things...and worse, proffering the wrong things to ingest to the un-wary and we survive public eateries, I don't know!...and as for Hollywood's/Media's narratives?...I'm not sure I have!...someone from an earlier time might consider us all toxic mushroom consumed we do them!


Because of their origin 450 million years ago, horseshoe crabs are considered living fossils.[3]




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