Thursday, May 11, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:5/11/17

Open To Interpretation

Paint Peels

I don't wear a T
Promoting me
And that meme,
It is what it is
I don't like slogan memes:
Things are what they are
I am what I am
Be all you can be
Was what it was.

I flung my entire book
At the Janitor
Who ducked
It missed
And rests beside
Teacher's desk
In the trash can un-emptied.

I rehearse I rehearse
Like asking
Someone special
For a date that first time.
Her high wheeled black hearse
With black plumed black ponies
On the way up Boot Hill
From Ghost Town Bodie.

In the end
I was offered
One last deal
And it was noted
You'll never own a home.
Just so,
I'd rather live in one
Than own one
And that said
I was on my way.


Notes: MidnightMovies: The Lost City of Z, Victor Frankenstein, Guardians of the Galaxy 2...Z has again the back and forth between Science and Established Beliefs, and is just bizarre, and dull...related are the adventures of Richard Burton who looked for the City too, and much else...and equally bizarre!...VF is interestingly scripted and acted...the star of Harry Potter taking on the roll of hunchback Igor...and another Prometheus take...and GG2 is another Prometheus take, and much fun...and intentionally or otherwise, I don't know, has a serious warning about the pre-positioning of weapons of mass, at the end of GG2 there is a funeral scene and the blue skinned hero is shrouded from head to toe with memorabilia of his life...poem I rehearse I rehearse led to a chase down of the meaning of the word hearse (whole poem came about by just noting hearse in rehearse and recalling earlier poem Bodie!)...and a curio!...hearse can refer to a shroud on which can be pinned poems, epithets and such...much I 'imagine' like the funerary d├ęcor on blue skinned Yondu, the harpoon thrower...hmmph...too, GG2 is a pastiche, interleaving old pop songs and pop culture characters...hmmph...Paint Peels...I got a pic of myself standing in front of the old house, jacaranda in full purple bloom, and easily seen is the woodwork paint peeling...and thought to caption the pic 'paint peels'...and thought on that, and 'paint peels' could be a title for something, not sure what, maybe a political blog rant!...hmmph...poems surrounding 'I rehearse' are such, and too interior to reference!...and worthy of being discards, but from them came 'I rehearse', so keep the bunch together...Bodie had an earthquake, and presently, I think, closed...minor damages being safety checked...




an elaborate framework erected over a coffin or tomb to which memorial verses or epitaphs are attached


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