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OTI:four poems and notes:5/24/17

Open To Interpretation


Who wrote the Book of War?
I don't know,
Illiterate that I am.
The cover illustration though
Lures one in
To the lurid picture pages.
Some talk written
Is about them I see,
But I am un-read!
Romantic stories I've heard,
Make believe I've been
Made to believe
By Hollywood dreams
For my waking dream.
When I see you,
Illiterate fool that I am,
I ignore them
And read just you.
That I can do.

Ariadne's Instructions to Indie

After sometime
In this miniature
Convoluted labyrinth
You'll arrive at the Minos Bull.
Run run run
Back the way you came!
Peristaltic alive,
The Bull will follow
And escape at last!
And then,
I'll wipe my ass.

Look'm Ups

Three Hares
Master of the Animals
Powhatan's Mantle


That we gather together to talk
Frightens them so
They send in the trolls
That's all there is,
Trolls to cajole.


Notes: hmmph...I read out two of my poems at OCPC last seemed an opportune few in attendance...usually there's plenty, and all young, so I am content to listen...I don't know if anyone anywhere really digs one another's that, I mean, really digs into them! sees that a lot in scholarly essays, and there are tales of letter writing back and forth, and conversations between noted poets, where sublime discussion about one another's poems goes on...but all that seems to be a rare exception...and limited to reputable sorts...ones with books, everyone can self publish chap books...the card table at OCPC is filling up...and I seem to be current pretty much, having a copy of each new book...there seems to be a fatwah against talking about OCPC on the web, so, I'm being discreet...'not talking' seems to be a 'it's just the way things are'...I've noticed at the cavern rock concerts I've been going to, the kids don't dance...rather they stand close together, huddled near the stage...oh, some hand waving, and body swaying, but nothing like night clubs once they still have dances in schools?...anyway, it's very hard to sense how one's poems are going over...facebook has it's response icons, and comment box...but those things can be very confusing...some of this is in 'Forum'...hmmph...something else again is in 'Ariadne's...'!...doggerel like this I usually don't post...but it's a joke...and jokes are often brings a smile...there's some puns...but I don't know if it brings a smile because it's funny, or just stupid...and there's a sense, snarls will ensue...snarls are a dread...after the second poem I read, I thought, 'did I sense a snarl'?...I'd stumbled through it so poorly...'Illiterate' is a reach, and I haven't a good grip on the has a lot of different ways it can go...'Look'm Ups'...the other poems somehow generated this...considering that I lose web sites when I go from iphone searches to computer searches...(the iphone may have a 'favorites' feature I don't know)...I thought to just write keywords from the sites to the iphone notepad...and there these are there beside the poem and then, I too go off on, 'why are there pyramids in Egypt that look so much like pyramids in Mexico?' notion is the ancients were moving about the planet, with airplanes?, ships?, some means...aliens I know is the popular notion...UFOs and such are a catch all...another notion is that our subconscious, dreams, have a set of universal symbols part and parcel of every one's make up just as having two legs, two arms, so on...a kind of iconographic genetic inheritance...another is that there is telepathy...and it's not just pyramids, ancient art and stories are full of cross culture similarities...there must be a search word for this, but I was having trouble finding it...and did a lot of searches!...'Sumerian seal symbols' was beginning to have some success...there are the little round stone engraved seals that leave an impression on clay...I've yet to find a good site that 'digs' into what each little symbol is on them...and they're just a every ancient culture seems to have self similar symbols...Joseph Campbell was born on Robert Frost's birthday too, and was good friends of Ed Rickets...Campbell studied out these similarities, as did Sir James Frazer... and what got me going was characterizing Robert Graves' 'ancient story' as an 'algo', my slang for 'algorithm'...algorithms have become the go to explanation for many things...famously, google and facebook are using algos to limit fake news, trolls, bad stuff, or at least compartmentalize came to me that the book Hamlet's Mill is like Graves' White Goddess...and tried search  'Hamlet's Mill Robert Graves'...'siblings' one site characterizes bookThe White Goddess1948 and bookHamlet's Mill1962...and while reading, I was thinking, in The White Goddess the algo is the 'ancient story', in Hamlet's Mill the algo is the precession of the equinox...and, I need to study astronomy! clearly the link of many of the motifs, the 'siblingness' in ancient art, is the symbolic representation of the stars, sun, moon, planets...the universal algo is the night, the pole star stays put...I've seen many time lapse photos of the stars rotating around the pole star...they're all long streaks except Polaris...I would like to do one of these with the notch of Yosemite Falls aligned with Polaris, and see where I'm standing!...around the Pole Star are the constellations that never set...Draco being one!...some myths have it that Draco was slain by Cadmus, Jason, Hercules, et al, and then set in the heavens as a constellation...Cadmus and Jason presently aboard Black Ship Argo...Argo is a constellation too...I tried to allude to this in 'Gallop', but poorly so, my astronomy being rudimentary!...anyway, there are a lot of motifs that have a column, pillar, tree, flanked by two men, women, animals, etc., and my thought is they represent the axis of the earth...the axis at the center of a mill wheel...this isn't new...and there are others...the spine with two sides of our brains...the genetic asks here when seeing this explanation, how would the ancients even know of the genetic code?...small things shouldn't be dismissed!...the ancients were as curious about small things as they were about stars of my first 'off and runnings' was that gold when found in its natural mineral state, exhibits little four sided pyramids...OH, I thought...the pyramids represent gold, the immutable metal...which is a good fit with the Great Pyramid being aligned to Polaris and the circumpolar constellations that never set!...the immortals...the thing that troubles me about all this, is that these are not easy insights to arrive at...nor are most people even inclined to consider them...over the centuries, a small educated cadre has passed on things, and by some trick, persuaded everyone to fashion artistries that encode...there's dna, and then there's like a cultural dna...pyramids everywhere...anyway...the second poem I read out was Magic it Petra stands, arms akimbo, looking up at Black Dragon Pet...'arms akimbo' has become a 'motif' in the Black Deck Tales!...and it was a smile to see in the news the little girl statue set in front of the Bull on Wall Street...and it was another smile too, while doing these searches, to stumble on the word 'elibelindea'...ral...and something else to find, I misspelled 'Vilifatio', something to do with how wind is shown blowing on clothing in Greek sculpture...and now can't 'keyword' back to what I saw...hmmph...this all needs editing...brb...time to roll out Mis-En-Abyme, first round, Wince, the second round...things are done in rounds...just a few present like last week...'who comes rearranges, like with the seasons'...a paraphrase of conversation with one of the poets...much of it is the mutual admiration of each of us having the nerve to read out!...and not so much what was read...'Velificatio'!...found it...iphone has a safari, hold down mouse clic on the left arrow...



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