Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Falls After Rain

Shuttled over to the Post Office...and walked back through the Oak Grove...just to sort of bask in the Falls roar!...but didn't have camera along...had thought I had time for a short walk, but at the Cabin, discovered the little battery powered clock I depend on has slowed....needs new battery I suppose...fortunately, I glanced down at the gear watch, and realized I only had a few minutes to missed taking pics on a gorgeous afternoon!...did get some lunch, went to the Cabin, got the tripod and took the little Falls clip up....light almost is now just a great and unique time to take pics of Yosemite Falls....tomorrow the sky will be blueblue, and the Fall colors will be in the Trees....usually in mid October, the Falls are gone, but there was so much rain, that the Falls should be strong for a few days.....tomorrow I'll be out myself early....promisepromise myself!...actually, what happened, I went to sleep early last night, thinking to make an early walk...but woke up and couldn't sleep...then when I finally did fall asleep, after the talk shows, my usual time!, I was really sleepy!....anywayanyway, sunny warm blue with a few clouds of different sorts going hanging about Half Dome at sunset....back at Creek's End, three Mallards...two females, one male, and Ouzel....I may have missed the little birds too! of Bear by the Giant Tiki Cans...over in the Scorched Forest....and the Merced in the Canyon is bank to bank....hereabout, water was high enough to flood the Diversion Channel...has already dropped from that high mark by several the Channel dry with just puddles now...oh!...Mama Doe and Two Fawns right by the Rooms after Breakfast, and the Bear reporter reported them by Ozone Beach in the afternoon...

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