Monday, October 12, 2009

Sentinel Buck

Clip from, and for!, yesterday, pic from a short walk this evening that hardly made it out to the Backyard...Buck was on Dirt Road...leg's getting better, but last two days have been 'down' days, and maybe tomorrow too, if RainRains as much as the weather reports.....would have liked to have paddled about today, as the light was subdued with clouds coming in, and the leaves beginning to turn, and tomorrow the leaves may all get knocked off by the Rain!...but Rain is always welcome, and Rainy days good walkabout days...cloudy sunny warm with of Big Wings out in Two Top Pine Meadow midday...Owl swooped low over reporter and perched nearby in the Scorched Forest, I believe....first time sighting of Owl for reporter, who, I think, was very pleased to regale me with an Owl report, after hearing so many of mine!!

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