Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Fawns

Woke up too late for Breakfast...grabbed a left over chocolate croissant, and gator aid, and Shuttled over to the Post Office....poster print of Owl came...but too dark....talkabout with returning High Camp friend took up walkabout time, so Shuttled back to the Cabin and to work...did see Chicaree out back....sunny warm blue....came across one Fawn on the way to the Lunch Sit Log...asked tourists on the Rooms' balcony where the second was...'thataway'..the way I'd just came...took just clip of the one Fawn, and sat awhile at the Log...Bluejays were scolding Owl somewhere off in the Woods...didn't pursue...clip had used alarm kept going off, marring an otherwise pleasant lunch...picked up, and turned around to see Mama Doe, now with Two Fawns...clips...and car alarm went off again!...the Cabin's next to the parking lots, and the alarms are always going off day and of Owl over by the A. Rooms...and I found some good John Burroughs quotes...been reading 'The Art of Seeing Things' 'Essays by John Burroughs' Edited by Charlotte Zoe Walker....lemessee if passages are online..brb...well...I found it in the middle of an eclectic blog worth a looksee in itself!...but here's the one of the quotes I liked:


A man must invest himself near at hand and in common things, and be content with a steady and moderate return, if he would know the blessedness of a cheerful heart and the sweetness of a walk over the round earth. This is a lesson the American has yet to learn, — capability of amusement on a low key. He expects rapid and extraordinary returns. He would make the very elemental laws pay usury. He has nothing to invest in a walk; it is too slow, too cheap. We crave the astonishing, the exciting, the far away, and do not know the highways of the gods when we see them, — always a sign of the decay of the faith and simplicity of man.

John Burroughs, The Exhilaration of the Road


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Thursday, March 13, 2008
The Highways of the Gods
John Burroughs, The Exhilaration of the Road:

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here's the other passage I liked:


Indeed, a race that neglects or despises this primitive gift, that fears the touch of the soil, that has no footpaths, no community of ownership in the land which they imply, that warns off the walker as a trespasser, that knows no way but the highway, the carriage-way, that forgets the stile, the foot-bridge, that even ignores the rights of the pedestrian in the public road, providing no escape for him but in the ditch or up the bank, is in a fair way to far more serious degeneracy.


the first was for 'near at hand and the commonest things', and the second for 'no community of ownership'

I can take to a phrase like Owl preening a feather....


Jeannette said...

"I can take to a phrase like Owl preening a feather..." will I be quoting you now if I say that? It is a lovely phrase. But about that breakfast...can I write a blog and call it how a nature man fuels his day, an old chocolate crossaint and a few sips of gator aid? Thank you for the other insightful quotes...and for the lovely fawns.

DavidDavid said...

You're welcome!