Friday, October 23, 2009

Pileated And Flicker

Couldn't post up last night...posted clip and pic this morning....Pileated Woodpecker was right out back...heard call on way to Breakfast, and got diverted...then while doing clip, heard Hawk, and diverted all the way over to Owl Woods...but Hawk flew off else ware...had Breakfast, then back to the Cabin to set up the digi, which I had wished I had doing the clip of Pileated...spent awhile at the Three Dogwoods, and then heard Pileated kind of over where I had heard Hawk earlier...I'm getting pretty good at judging where calls are!...Pileated was on a Ponderosa by the Cattail Pond Tiki Temple...and I got a neat clip, and would have posted it up instead, but to see Pileated and Flicker so close together is a rare thing!...the other clip for was sunny warm blue...quiet at the lunch of 'big' Bear, as in having a very round and full tummy, over in Siberia....

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