Friday, November 16, 2012

Backyard Deer

The Dogwoods in the Backyard didn't have Seeds this Fall, and the Robins and Woodpeckers and Grey Squirrels missed out, along with me taking pics..and the Backyard Construction Yard Fence had shrunk, so I had access to set up tripod by the Dogwoods, but no Seeds...and construction, mostly rehabing the Road, has grown about the Cabin and Rooms, since like early July...see clip!...out and about early for brief walk...trying to continue Critter Count Day, making it into Critter Count Days...paddled back to the Creek after Deer clip...Hawk, Redshoulder, calling over by the Deer House...continued along the Merced to Ozone Beach...Kingfisher flyover way high, Kingfisher calling....Flicker call...Ravens, Blue Jay...oh, because of no Dogwood Seeds, I think, Robins all left, and haven't seen or heard Pileated in awhile...on walk, did hear DownyOrHairy Woopecker, and on way to work later, sighted Kinglet on the Japanese Maple (see link about Bonsai Maples!) right by the Cabin, and missed photo op as didn't have camera with...went back, but Kinglet gone...the Rooms were landscaped at one time, and a few non native species used...sunny blue few clouds cool, rain now, around of Bobcat with Two Kittens at Lower Falls Shuttle Stop, and report of Hawk, maybe Harrier, out in A Meadow, I think...oh...and Chickaree sighted on walk...see  clip!

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