Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beaver Knawings

Beaver has been at the Cottonwoods again...this a bit beyond the Slough out in Two Top Pine Meadow...out and about early for Critter Count Days, and continued from Ozone Beach, around Two Top, and return along Rocky Slope...clip has miscellaneous scenes along the way....would put up more pics, but now I'm getting the 1gb limit message...this happens I gather if one is using picassa albums, which I'm not, and I think I'm supposed to be under the google plus unlimited storage...hmmph....a rainy morning, this next morning too, while I'm doing post...Blue Jays, Acorn Woodpeckers, Ravens, Hawk, Redshoulder at the Slough...Kingfisher flyover thereabout, Phoebes at Beaver like Chickaree, one tone, at Rocky Slope, Flicker, Buck thereabout, and Coyote scat by Beaver Bend...rainy I have to go investigate this photo upload snarl...well, I dont know what google policy I've had all along, but apparently, it is like a 'classic' version, and I dont think it is still working, and so I must unpgrade to google plus, which is a kinda facebook like enviorns...I think...will try the upgrade, I guess...well..I started to do the upgrade...but had second thought when it said my blogger profile info would be replaced by the google plus profile...the little pic and such...and so I canceled, I's link that explains some of it:

I link blog posts now to facebook, but it's not automatic, and I just dont know if I can deal with another facebook, which google plus looks to be...both want engagement in a lot of things that the blog and blogger dont get into...blogger has always been a simple straight foreward nich, that I've felt comfortable with...and comfortable with the photo upload it plus will do the same, somewhat, but the blog I believe will have a link to plus, and maybe plus will drop things on the blog...dont know...I could stay clear of google plus, and upload photos, by purchasing picassa storage, I gather...but I'm not sure what the 1gb limit refers blog page?...I would think...workaround would be to just do multiple blog pages with notation that they are together..I may just go to like one photo and a  clip and a lot of text!..and a concern for fellow bloggers bumping into this...

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