Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hawk and Bee

Was waiting at Last Chance Shuttle Stop, on way to the Post Office, and heard Hawk back by the Cattails....hurried over to looksee...just as I got there, Hawk picked up...but a glimpse showed direction, and found Hawk in the Pine...farfar away pic and clip!....missed the Shuttle, so back to the Cabin for the bicycle...peddled over making the loop through Bobcat Meadow...came back the same way, and at the Artist's Grove heard Hawk over by the Deer House...hurried over, though slowed at the Boardwalk Bridge for pedestrians!... just as I got to the House, Hawk picked up and flew to a golden leaved Oak...farfar away pics and clips...and Hawk's head was often behind a branch I didn't see!...picked up and peddled over Chapel Bridge and to the Path along the Road...looking across Chapel Meadow at all the snags...and at the Boardwalk, thought I saw Hawk's silhouette...farfar away!...but reviewing a pic..zooming in...I saw what looked like a giant gall....peddled out the Boardwalk to looksee...and I think it's a Bee least a few Bees seem to be going in or out...brb...going to check on line for such a thing!!...Oh!'s a Paper Wasp nest!!!..pic at this site (scroll down):
well...wait!...this site says it's a Yellowjacket Wasps nest!
a page with a rescue intern's tale of a summer in the Little Valley (being bitten by yellowjackets brought page up in search...):
brb...well, the search brings up plenty of pics of the paper nest...and natural history of the Yellowjackets...I find myself quite taken with the alienalien look of the nest!!....after taking the Nest pics and clips, heard Hawk back at Bobcat...peddled hurriedly thereabout, but quiet...earlier by the Deer House pic and clip of White Headed Woodpecker...and earlier still by the Cabin, pic and clip of Chickaree that is living in the Cedars, I think...sunny warm blue with the hazy clouds and light breeze...Bear report by the Train Wreck around four am...reporter was seated at table bench, waiting for worktime, and heard slurping sound in nearby water bucket (used to douse bbq)...reporter didn't dare to look or turn head!...and pitch dark!...oh!!..and last night, report of Ladybug roost by El Cap Meadow..I think...somewhere out that way....have seen pics of these gatherings, but have yet to see my ownself these thousands of Ladybugs all toghether....

Note: It's taken all morning, but I've gotten Windows Security Essentials to download and work.


Anonymous said...

we have alot of hawks and bees at our house, I love it but my wife does not and complains about the bees (: The bees come in all kinds of colors that I never seen in CA, and the lady bugs come in all colors here.

This year there were not as many different kinds of bees as usual though, and the past day there have been so many of them around the house they have been getting inside.

Its as if bee season is over or something, if they have any seasons.

Anonymous said...

I never see a bee hive like that before, but it is how it looks in cartoons like whinnie the pooh.

DavidDavid said...

It's a Yellowjacket Wasp nest, I discovered looking about on the web.