Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pileated Woodpeckers And Hawks

Before Breakfast, heard Pileated Woodpecker out back...went to looksee, and Pileated was in the Three Dogwoods...handheld pics and clips...hard to get sight line through the branches and leaves...Pileated flew off, and I went to Breakfast, and afterwards, checked the Dogwoods again..quiet...but I could hear Pileated nearby....and Pileated flew into the Old Oak above the Bus...then flew towards me and over to the Dogwoods...better clips and pics than before!...and a second Pileated showed up....very cool....they flew off...and I took a walk out to Creek's End and looped through the Woods...quiet...and back to the Cabin, for a rest and football on tv, but thought to sit awhile on the paint bucket by the Dogwoods and wait...could still hear Pileated about...and also a scolding Blue Jay faraway somewhere over by the Rooms...wasn't too eager to walkabout again, but the scolding went on and on! I paddled over to looksee, and located a little Hawk high in a Cedar amongst the Trees between the Bike Path and the Rooms...Hawk was feeding..and wouldn't turn around!...tried every which way to get pics and clips...and while looking up, sighted Osprey in the Magnificent Blue Sky...hands came unglued trying to sight the camera...missed pic.....went back to trying every which way to photograph the little Hawk, and overhead, sighted two Redtail Hawks chasing one another...better luck this!...again, returned to the Little Hawk, and missed Hawk picking up, and flying right over my head out to Owl Woods.....picked up my ownself, and did get half an hour of tv football viewing!...thanks to daylight savings time!!...sunny warm lunch walk...too dark...thanks to daylight savings time!...


Then came the fall of 1923 with a complete failure of
the acorn crop of both Kellogg and golden oaks. Owing, then, to this crop failure,
and also to the fact that there had been no excess storing during the preceding years
of plenty, the California Woodpeckers, for lack of food, were forced during the winter
of 1923-24 to leave the Valley.



a pdf page here:

which is from here:

Oh! Charles Michael is the husband of Enid Michaeal...the Nature Notes often have bird reports from her...and wiki has bit:

maybe can get this book:

"The Joy of Yosemite: Selected Writings of Enid Michael, Pioneer Ranger Naturalist”'s here, and available from has a dvd with old movies...a must get!!

the author, Fernando PeƱalosa, has another book about the 1930's hereabout...

gotta wonder if the book about Enid is in the bookstore hereabout, and why I haven't noticed it!!..a lookabout for tomorrow!!

book looks impossible to get...but looked about too for Owl Cuckoo Clock...

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