Monday, May 16, 2011

Ground Squirrel

Out and about early, and after Breakfast, joined the Bird Walk at the Art Center....and with twelve or so like minded tourists, paddled quickly back to Lower Falls to see....Frazzle...which was gone!....a little bit was about in the morning, but the Frazzle Video on line has garnered enough attention that now Frazzle is a must see...I guess, or something (oh!, our Bird Walk guide narrates the Frazil Video, which explains everything...;) did pause along the way to sight: Cowbird, Juncos, Black Headed Grosbeak, Robin, Mountain Chickadee, Acorn Woodpecker, Yellow Rump Warbler, McGillivray's Warbler, Northern Flicker, Raven, Blue missed Blackthroated Grey Warbler I sighted briefly, and most all missed a new bird for me, Green Tailed Towhee...we were standing all looking up at Trees, and Roof of Ad. Building, even some Ad. Building staff with binocs.... Little Birds about, and while sighting Yellow Rump through binocs, Bird with OrangeBrown Topknot came into view...I asked one of the staff-- 'Green Tailed Towhee'...I just missed getting pic, and later, when we were all in the Creek Delta where Muir had his Hang Nest, the Volunteer Guide sighted another Towhee, and I just missed another pic!....oh..Ouzel was about the Creek thereabout, and Deer in the Schoolyard...when we got to the Tiki Palace, one could hear Warbler, or some Bird I missed name.......anyway, I thought to wait, before a stop, and then the Tiki Palace was closed for maintenance...and, hnmmph...returned to the Cabin...only a half hour of the walk left, and group was on way to Bobcat Meadow to see Redwings...not enough time to catch took a nap!....after afternoon Lunch, started to paddle out to Two Top Pine Meadow, but at Ozone Beach, found I forgot the tripod to camera connector, and returned to the Cabin, and diverted to Bobcat Meadow...Little Birds by the Deer House, and while sighting Yellow Rumps by the Path, I startled a tourist couple with stroller approaching from behind with 'Stop!'...Coyote emerged from the Trees crossing the Path right in front...pic and clip for sometime..''What?...".."Coyote", I told the tourist, who took a souvenir clip....I picked up quick and tried to get in front of Coyote....and came very close to getting clip of Coyote crossing over the Creek on the Twin Fallen it is, a short clip of Coyote just reaching the Far Shore...for sometime...Critters crossing the Cedars, perched or sitting and such, is one of the motifs hereabout...anyway...looped back around to the Path and over Chapel Bridge, and made the Outside Loop--long way to Two the Meadow, Two Does and Two Fawns, think they were Fawns, at the Broken Cottonwood...tourists trying to pet Deer...'Dont touch the Deer!'....Mountain Bluebirds about....scenic pics...Mallards...crossed to the Burnt Forest.......back at Path, sighted Four Bucks, which were sighted, and joined by Meadow Deer that gamboled to the Trees by the Merced...tried to get ahead, which took me to Ozone Beach...Three Mallards preening...clip....backtracked looking for Deer...Deer, now all together, were by the Path..clip for sometime...continued out through the Woods to Creek's End...quiet...and to the Cabin to drop off gear, and to Dinner....grey cloudy light sprinkles cool, snow on the rims. report more rainsnow tomorrow....Little Birds frequent the Visitor Center complex, and I will maybe try tomorrowmorrow for pic of Towhee!...oh!...Ground Squirrel was beside the Path at Flicker Grove...very cool...see clip!....apparently, Frazzle doesn't come, necessarily, from the disintegration of the Snow Cone at the Base of the Falls...I've thought High Country Snow melt makes the Frazzle...a curio...

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