Sunday, May 8, 2011

Phoebe Nest

After late Breakfast. paddled back to the Creek on the Dirt Road....thought to check the Cattail Pond, and just as I came around the corner of the Tiki Temple thereabout, Black Phoebe Pair flew up....One Phoebe stayed behind to keep an eye on me while I took pics of Phoebe's Nest under the Eaves....continued to the RipRap at the Swath and sat awhile...lots of Yellow Rump Warblers in the Alders, Tanager Pair chasing in the Cedars across the Creek, Juncos calling tik tik tik, Mallard call....overcast, clearing, then Storm clouds in the evening, but no rain, Lunch: sat awhile at the Lunch Sit Log...Mallards flying about, Song Sparrows, Ravens, Robins, Blue Jays, and more Yellow Rump Warblers...pic up, view out to Glacier Wall through the the morning, Ground Squirrels courting beside the Path...and calls of Violet Green Swallows overhead, I think...couldn't sight...but Swallows were over Bobcat Meadow last visit, which was awhile ago!...tomorrowmorrow a whole day to paddle about!

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