Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long Legs

Slept in until worktime....sunny blueblue Lunch: there's another Boulder at Ozone Beach, kinda under the Broadleaf Maples, and it has an uncomfortable pointy top, but it's dry at the moment, while the Ozone Boulders are almost under Water...anyway...sat awhile....Sandpiper, Acorn Woodpecker, Robin, Blue Jay, Flicker, calls, and Mallards flying about, sometimes splash landing in the Ponds by the up from two Tuesdays ago at MWR...pic of Egrets in Field was taken on 59 just before Sandy Mush, and on review, there's an Egret in foreground I cant id, and wish I'd taken time to photograph with digi, but 59 is a kinda busy Road to pull over on!!....oh...and Blackbird seemed to sing a different Tune than Redwings hereabout...thought it might be Tricolored, which I haven't seen, but looking about web, wonder if Blackbird is Bicolored Blackbird....should have taken better pics again!!

Link: A report of the Flora, today about, in the Merced Canyon:

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Jeannette said...

BUt the pics you did take are quite a treat...thank you.