Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After Breakfast, watched tv, and napped...after lunch, watched tv, napped, tv, and another nap!...thought to go on a rollaround, but today the blog is four years old, and the Valley seemed the place to be in the evening....and if out on the Roads, a likely return at Night....so, stayed hereabout, and as it was hot out, stayed indoors!...sunny blueblue hot...but out and about in the Evening....and wore the Flip Flops for the Diversion Channel wades on the Inside Loop counterclockwise...Ravens, Robins, Redwings, Little Birds, Flicker call, Blue Jays, Junco, and Owl, Sentinel!...glimpsed Big Wings on the wing, and, with help from scolding Blue Jays, and One Robin piping, went Tree to Tree...pics up...Merced is over the Banks up to Ozone Boulder....at Lunch Monday, sighted White Headed Woodpecker on Cedar by the Path...and yesterday, Ouzel call by Cottonwood Bend...and Pygmy Owl call by the Cabin a Monday morning two weeks ago....loose ends!!

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