Thursday, May 26, 2011

no pics today

sunny blueblue today, Lunch: paddled over to the Cabin to retrieve my forgotten meal card (and consequently left my keys on the bunk, and so locked out after work!...hmmph), and returned along the Path...Junco, Yellow Rump Warbler (tried for pics), Grosbeak call, Two Female Mallards at the Ponds beside the Path...while thereabout, sighted way over at Sandpiper Beach, Bird, I thought maybe, skipping across the Merced...only a few minutes of time left, but paddled over to looksee...Fisherman using a bobber....Sandpipers, Song Sparrow, Violet Green Swallows, Robin, Flicker....Glacier Point Road will be open starting noon Friday...looking forward to walkabouts along the Rim....with Silver, I can rollabout and explore places that I couldn't before...

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