Saturday, October 1, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:10/1/16

Open To Interpretation


What have we come to?

Oh, the palace throne room is like a tomb. 
The throng has their faces to the stone floor,
Praying to the gods in disbelief. 
Tears from their faces mingle with blood from Creon and his daughter,
Their bodies now cinders wrapped by Helios' golden robe,
Our mistresses' children's cruel gift for Glauce,
Smeared with burning flesh eating magic,
Medea's witchcraft handiwork
To further her vengeance on Jason.

Quickly, before we are noticed,
We must accomplish Medea's appointed task. 
There, the Fleece is displayed behind the empty throne,
Like a golden grape vine on its trellis.

I, we, dare touch the Fleece?

Tutor and Nurse
Just take it...
Here now in our arms the Fleece is gathered...
Hurry now...
Our bare feet quiet on the stones...
We return to our mistress having escaped the throngs' attention...
But dragging Medea's and Jason's chains.

At the courtyard outside Jason's and Medea's Palace apartments.

We interrupt...

They are like two combatants, exhausted, pausing to take a breath,
Glaring at one another.

Like Priam with Achilles,
Jason would have the return of their two sons, slain by Medea.
And Medea would have her glory,
Complete revenge on Jason,
Take away the corpses to Athens,
Conceal behind Aegeus' shields,
Make good her escape from Jason's wrath,
And the wrath of Creon's mourners.

The boys lay limp at her feet in the chariot,
The harnessed dragons crouch to leap, fly up...

Tutor and Nurse
She sees us!

Bring me the Fleece.

Our Master Jason takes stance between us and Mistress Medea!

And Medea wheels her chariot around!
And one dragon swallows Jason with one gulp!

Bring me the Fleece.

Tutor and Nurse
We obey.

A marvel beyond
To see Helios' chariot arise
Pulled aloft by two winged dragons.

Marvel this!
We hear the running approaching steps of the angered throng!

That we had been taken aboard
With our master and mistress,
Away from all this,
In spite of all that was done by them.
We soon to be swallowed now too.


Notes: I was trying to find out just what happened to the Golden Fleece.  Jason returns it to Corinth, and from there onwards, no mention I can find, though currently it's:


The Golden Fleece in Greek mythology, is a magical artifact with powerful healing abilities. In the original Greek myths, the original Jason collected the fleece on his journey. It currently resides at Camp Half-Blood on Thalia's Tree, to help strengthen the magical borders after the events of The Sea of Monsters. It is guarded by the dragon Peleus.


Camp Half Blood is the imaginative local in novelist Rick Riordan's Harry Potter like saga.  He's had a neo-classical moment it seems too!


Camp Half-Blood Chronicles is a media franchise created by author Rick Riordan, encompassing three five-part novel series, three short-story collections, three crossover short stories, two myth anthology books, a stand-alone short story, an essay collection, a guide, four graphic novels, two films, a video game, a musical, and other media.





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