Tuesday, October 25, 2016

OTI:two poems:10/25/16

Open To Interpretation

Of Black Dragons

Beside Volcano Never
A small cone, a crater,
It's ragged rim broken
Making one entrance for the sea.
Beneath this sheltered circular bay
Fumerals on the sea floor
Steamed and glowed,
Black and red pillow lavas oozing.
This heat kept the bay warm,
Ice free
And a perfect harborage
For Petra's navy,
Three Black Ships,
A long slender craft,
And one battered submarine
That Nemo was delighting in
Showing off to Hephaestus.
Not to be outdone,
Hephaestus took out an
Object from his pocket.
"A scrub brush?" Nemo said.
Hephaestus set it down on
The planks of the wooden wharf,
And it scrubbed
All on its own.
"For the Black Decks,
An automaton!" Hephaestus said.
Along the wharf
Assembled the ranks of the crews.
A difficulty has always been if it is
Dragons with their Humans
Humans with their Dragons.
Each crew member was paired
With a Dragon of the Southern Reach,
And beside one another they stood
In their ranks;
First Mates Ishmael, Jason,
Ned and Ichi,
Astride their Dragons at the forefront.
Petra, Glauce,
Calypso and Kannon,
Astride their Dragons,
Looked on.
The crews saluted their Captains
With the Dragon Wave,
And the Captains saluted,
Waved in answer.
All began to sing the Dragons' Roar.
"Petra," said Pet to Petra,
Beside herself hearing the singing,
"We Dragons rule Nevermore,
The white cap of this world,
Our Human Towns our care,
Will you be our Queen?
"Deal." Petra said.
"Mount up!"  Petra said to the crews.
"It's a long flight to the
Midnight Flowering."
And the Dragons belched flames
And roared to the Song's chorus.

And Black Ships

Snow had fallen
Over all the Northern Reach.
The treasures on the
Midnight Ceremony Crater's
Central stage
Covered over
Under a white blanket,
As they would be until Spring,
Save for one,
Placed by
Onyx and Medea,
The Golden Fleece on a tripod.
Golden it shown in the stage's
Lanterns' glow over the snow.
The Northern Dragon Flight
Perched each on their families' perches,
A respectful audience listening
To Onyx finish the eulogy
For the Black Dragons
Fallen in battle
With the Black Ship.
Onyx finished,
And a stillness in the snowy landscape
So quiet one could hear the Stars.
Onyx left the stage to
Who began to sing the Dragon hymn
"Somewhere it is Fall
Somewhere it is Spring."




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