Thursday, October 27, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:10/27/16

Open To Interpretation


I crumple it all together,
The finished jigsaw puzzle,
Kneading the pieces to separate them
An amorphous lot now bagged,
Set on the storage shelf,
To be forgotten,
Maybe someday someone
Will puzzlepuzzle
Just this same puzzle,
Bring back together
Its art.
"A few pieces are missing,
It was from a second hand store."
I should leave in a note.


Notes: now, yesterday's post may be it for awhile for the Black Ship tale, working title now, Of Black Dragons, and Black Ships...when I have it arranged chronologically all by itself, it may be seen to have a beginning, middle, and end, as any tale should!...I'm transcribing it from the blog to word began back there around 4/28/16, along with OTI, which is like 4/17/16...and, and I'll make another book like I did with Women Can Do No Wrong, so one can read it first to I post, I read things backwards, from today's post, backaways, editing, and trying to keep track of where I must all seem a jumble!...but it's every post, I kind of carry an overall sense of the whole blog from it's very beginning...speaking of which, some of the very old posts seem to be still active, insomuch the pageview counter is counting readership numbers I hadn't seen before...I think much of that is keyword stumbling...readers searching with keywords happen on a post...example: there's a post with over five hundred page views that gave me read's about the Kingfisher on the Chapel Bridge Post...and it has mention of the Xmas Count, and that mention I conjecture draws the 'ClicOns''s a good post, so maybe readers read it, even though it's likely not what they were looking for...normally, I think, maybe like a half dozen readers read the posts, maybe a couple dozen browsing...this is about the circumstance with my youtube clips too...though one, a one minute clip of a swap meet canopy being lofted in the wind, has like 287 views!...such is fame...this musing about page views happened as I'm having to go into the editor a lot to get the old Black Ship posts...I had thought to get them from the blog on line, but for some reason, a whole section of page background color comes with the copy/paste to Word one by one I'm going through the edit window listing...meanwhile, I find myself reading the old Roman playwright Terence...a comedian...I'm a little unbalanced on the gloom side like a one big claw beach crab, and 'am studying the old playwrights for wtf is funny!...oh!...thought to copy/paste from blog to notepad...and that works...and will speed things up!...I don't think notepad will retain the page color when copy/paste to Word doc....



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