Monday, October 24, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:10/24/16

Open To Interpretation

A Shadow On The Moon

As a bird's shadow over the ocean
On a sunny day,
The Northern Black Dragon Flight
Obscured the Stars
And then the silver Moon
By their thousands overhead.
Hephaestus happened to look up.
"Oh, Medea, look!" he said.
Medea joined Hephaestus in amazement,
The Black Deck's entertainments forgotten.
The Flight was bound North, home,
The confrontation in the Southern Reach abandoned.
"Bats?" Hephaestus said.
"Not so tiny," Medea said.
"I know these,
But never so many!

Glauce was restrained gently
In her gondola,
Onyx's claw,
High over the Black Ocean,
The Golden Fleece held tightly
In Onyx's other claw.
Onyx flew at Flight's lead.
Looking down, Glauce could see,
Far below,
A glowing many colored gem
On the Black Sea.
Onyx too sighted
The Black Ship.

"Hephaestus, set your maidens,
The Keledones, to singing."  Medea said.
Hephaestus commanded,
And a chorus to make the Sirens envious filled the night.
The Dragons overhead overheard,
But flew on
Until at Onyx's  command
They circled above the Black Ship.
'A Black Ship that serenades its own doom.'  Onyx thought. 
'A pleasant song too,
'Not that imprisonment
Of that southern Black Ship's instrument.'
"We can take our seats in the night sky for this concert." 
He told the Flight,
Who were joyous as Dragons always are
To hear a Human tune,
Though this one seemed a bit off,
Inhuman, but with ethereal beauty.

Medea discerned Onyx.
"Hephaestus!"  Medea said.
"They have the Golden Fleece,
And Glauce,
Oh, and intend to attack!"
"How can you tell?" said Hephaestus.
"I know Dragons," said Medea,
"I have them for pets.
On your Eagle now, we fly up to them."
At the Black Ship's bow,
Hephaestus' Eagle that he rode from Olympus to Pegasae
Sat perched.
Hephaestus spoke to its animation,
And he and Medea were taken aloft.
And Medea began to sing.

Onyx and the Flight
Heard Medea's voice join
The Keledones' chorus.
The mix of heavenly and human
Was beyond any Dragon's ken.

"We surrender."
Onyx's first words
To Medea hovering before him
On Hephaestus' Great Eagle.

Medea studied Onyx,
"No need." Medea said.
 "Your cargo I would have,
And you for captive.
The rest,
Too many to feed,
Can go free.
Onyx studied Medea.
"Will you be our Queen?" Onyx said.
"Our land, the Northern Reach,
The white cap of this world,
We rule
And share with Humankind.
You wouldn't be alone."
"I have things to return, your cargo...Medea said,
Perchance, is there a Palace?"
"Palaces." Onyx said.
"I will be your Queen," Medea said,
"And you will be my ride.
"Deal." Onyx said.
Medea met Glauce's look.
"Drop me in the sea." said Glauce.
Medea lowered her eyes,
"Hephaestus," Medea said,
Take the Fleece,
And Glauce,
To the Black Ship,
Hers now to command."
"The treasure," Onyx said,
This Fleece,
Medea reconsidered.
"Just so."  Medea said.
"Once and always
The Fleece in Dragons' care."
Onyx belched flames with pleasure, and roared.
"I am Medea."  Medea said astride Onyx's neck.
"I, Onyx." said Onyx.
"Sail South, Hephaestus." said Medea,
"Deliver Glauce to where I once belonged.
"Visit me at Olympus, Medea," said Hephaestus,
"I would see the gods' envy."
Onyx and Medea at the lead,
The Flight continued its northern journey.


Notes: oh, it's an easy step to fashion a clay animal or person, and imagine it alive...the world of children and their toys...and Hephaestus was the Greek's toymaker...reference for yesterday the Silly Symphony Aesop Fables by Walt Disney, all on youtube it appears...



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