Wednesday, November 9, 2016

OTI:one poem, 4 emoticons, notes:11/9/16

Open To Interpretation


Our Poems

Our poems from today
I'd like to hear about
Seated across from you
At these joined together
Picnic tables in long rows.
Oh, not the ones in your books,
Keep those for the stage
And the microphone.
I'll listen, too, those.
Rather I'd hear
Share with you near
Our new ones from today,
Like we're playing bingo.





Notes: in a moment, off to OCPC's Wednesday night gathering (Orange County Poetry Club)...they all have those Creative Space Publishing books...bit upload to CSP of The Black Deck Tales has bogged down...waiting on email confirmation from them for interior approval...meantime, I've sent it off to Thomas at OCPC through facebook messenger...that's how those books get, that might work!...and I'll go no further with my own printing, and be more than content if OCPC helps me to print it...then I'll have a book too to read from!...more when I get back...bk...hmmph....tried to synopsis like ten years of Tree In Door Fauna And Flora into like five minutes for Izzy, who is Thomas' replacement as master of ceremonies tonight...maybe ten minutes...don't know that the gathered overheard me where we were in front sitting on the two chairs at the card table with the books...signups in progress for the reading...I left just as they started, and as I retreated Izzy gave me a shout out which roused the gathered to applaud...a courtesy I know...but, it was kind of like, the back and forth talking, kind of like Our Poems...anyway, came home with three more books from the card table....oh, I have one from last week too that I haven't mentioned...
A Twisted Smile by V.L.Cisneros
Human Noise by Lauren Waites
Tear Down The Wall by Poetry Club
(this one looks to be the origin of the OCPC, and dates from 2011, a combined anonymous effort by students at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo...I think)
Wall 2016 
(a literary journal put out by Saddleback for students to contribute to)...oh, so I bring this up to current, the tale of blog, and I am explaining trying to make book under auspice of OCPC of The Black Deck Tales, and Izzy says she looks forward to seeing it when the book is made, and I say, yes, but, oh, I have it online, 'you can see it on your phone', but she doesn't follow things online, doesn't use computer, but I showed her this post up on my phone, by way of explanation of my web 'addiction'...her guess!...I tried to explain mediums, like painters use, watercolor, oil...hers, mine, different...on the way over I was wondering where I am most me, and where I'm employed, working for someone, a company, I'm not me, very much...I'm fine here in the blog, I'm me...there are places, people, I'm with where I'm me, others not so much!...there's a poem in that to sort out!...moving everything over from the blog to recitations and publishing in books and all that, I don't know...'me' felt a bit lost walking back to Silver, my jeep!...I have an odd Wednesday routine now, which I tried to explain! the morning I'm at Grand Jury duty in the tall building with the eagle logo, and in the evening, just down a ways on 4th, at the 4th Street Market Place, I'm at OCPC with the skull and crossbones logo!...ral...the Market Place is very nice just to go to, eateries and sports tv and games, ping pong!...  



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