Friday, November 18, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:11/18/16

Open To Interpretation

Bat Love Potion

A penny for my penance
A token for its worthlessness
Hair clippings poop pee
The whole swarmy lot
Have more value than me
Unless you drink this stink
And I can reside in your night.


Notes: eesh...there are bat love potions...bat parts seem to be a prime ingredient for such...I studied out some more about hyperobjects, and found them related to something called phenomenology, and that's related to Epicureanism, and that to the feminist Simone Beauvoir...I was studying her wiki, and there was a photo of her and Sartre sitting on couch across from Che Guevara, so I studied wiki's Che page...and all this while I've been reading bits of Lucretius, an old Roman Epicurean...Epicurean's back then were different...they found explanations for things that didn't include gods and superstitions...and Lucretius introduces the notions as a heal all for the wars and troubles of his time, which he blames on gods and superstitions...I should source that...brb...


I fear perhaps thou deemest that we fare
An impious road to realms of thought profane;
But 'tis that same religion oftener far
Hath bred the foul impieties of men:


the 'foul impieties of religion', I think, got picked up by leftist idealists, often atheists, the modern Epicureans, and became 'the foul impieties of capitalists'...for Che it was United Fruit...that and his motorcycle rides through Latin America where he saw lots of poor's been pointed out that someone with his skills could have found better expression of his concern, as there are many examples, than being a revolutionary...he very nearly lobbed nuclear weapons at us...which seems impious, I'd say!...Che and his ilk often create mirror like opponents, or maybe the opponents made is one of the curios of human nature that cruelty begets a counter cruelty...trick for the peaceful minded is to stay clear of these, which was exactly the goal of the Epicureans...they stayed away from politics...Che too had a pollyanna thought that after the revolution people would transform somehow into peaceful's not gonna happen...and there's no escaping human turmoil...however cruel our behavior all seems, we somehow keep lurching forward from generation to generation...Lucretius reads like todays news, as does Che's commentaries...whatever it is, or things, that makes us so, they are like hyperobjects...and they are all too vast and invisible...but we see the self similar manifestations...current events resemble events between the world wars...hyperobjects had another name for the ancient Greeks...gods...



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