Wednesday, November 2, 2016

OTI:three poems and notes:11/2/16

Open To Interpretation


You make me nervous,
And feelings like that
Don't happen everyday,
I'm reluctant to throw them away.
It's not what I want.
And what you want
I don't know.
Looks to be
You're not nervous at all.
Just say what you want of me,
Not what they want
Of you to want of me.
If it's bad news for me,
I had reason to be nervous.


And put down in words
Down on paper words
Where they can't go anywhere,
It's the same,
Being put down,
Being told
You're not enough.
Killed off,
Put down like a dog.
It's a daily slaughterhouse
Put down in words,
Or put down unheard.
It's the same

Back Cover

Black Dragons rule the Southern and Northern Reaches, the white caps of this world.  They dread the Black Ships that sail beyond the Pillars of Hercules, but to have a Black Ship Captain for their Queen, and to hear her sing, is their deepest longing.  Journey on Dragon dreams, the poems and songs of the Black Dragons and the Black Ship Crews.  The Ravens and Gulls are crapping all over the Black Deck.  Grab your scrub brush.  They miss you.  Rub this book.


Notes: Nervous...I get nervous before every basketball game I go to referee...terribly melancholy too on the way to the game...if it goes well, I'm happy as a clam...Bill Russell threw up before every game...stage fright...usually goes away once things get going...oh, poop too...seen Hawk and Owl do that before they lift off...brb...


Infinite sadness is more than just the 3rd album by the Smashing Pumpkins. It's a feeling that you get when you have severe anxiety. It's this feeling as though there is no happiness in the world - as though joy has been sucked away, and you're left with this feeling as though nothing will ever get better.


eesh...Newspaper...too brutal...but there was story of a young girl, who had just recovered from serious cancer, which I think disfigured her face, and back to school, she met the usual bullying, and that 'infinite sadness' got to her, and she took her is, just the other day, the day I wrote this poem, I parked nearby the drugstore in the shopping center, and on walking through the lot, a short male approached, face and mouth not right, and speaking on and on, walking right towards first I thought they were homeless, but it didn't fit...more like some dow syndrome kid lost from the group outings I often see...anyway, I behaved badly, just ignored them and walked by, the usual 'don't bother me' I give the homeless...I've come to the grim conclusion that that is the best I can do for homeless panhandlers...I never see any starving skinny I continue walking, and happen on who must have been the kid's father leaning on his car door, about to get in, calling for the kid, and looking at me like I'm crap...which I was...Back Cover...on reconsidering, I have it now to title the book of the Black Ship, The Black Deck Tales, and have both back and front covers be all black...on the front that title and my name, on back, this blurb...realized book cover blurbs always look like those old balloons in the video game Shadow good fit...'rub this book' (from the poem, which I'll include, though not of the sort I culled for the Tales) part of the conceit, along with the black a quest announcement in WOW...'rub this book'  I'll use a lot for like, 'click on this!...ral...I'm being too clever...but glad of new choice, as I don't have to fret about making my own cover art...and project will move along quickly...blurbs are interesting...kind of an art/poem form in and of themselves...Creative Space Publishing requires one, part of the extent of their trying to help you sell your publication!...on looking at amazon's book offerings you'll always see one of these blurbs...



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