Friday, November 25, 2016

OTI:one poem:11/25/16

Open To Interpretation

Beneath The Ruffled Waves

Without Petra nearby
Pet, blind, couldn't see with Petra's eyes
And Pet rested disconsolate
Behind Ishi's village
At the entrance to her cave,
Her chin on the ground
In blindness black.
Petra had been nowhere to be found
After their sudden fall
To the wind ruffled black waves.
Ishi's family worked
Changing the dressings
On Pet's wounded dangling wing.
Petra's crew gathered around
And no one could sing
Blinded too by black sorrow.
"Ichi and Kannon still search
With the long slender craft."
Said Ishmael.
"What from the sky we couldn't find
Maybe from the surface of the sea
They will see.
Some devious thing
In those scrub brushes
Hephaestus made.
They cleaned
But confused
The Black Decks.
And unexpected,
Black Ship Liz
Joined the Argo
And Glauce's Black Ship
Gifted to her by Medea.
Orpheus now commands the Liz,
Jason the Argo,
Glauce's follows,
Creon commanding.
Set on revenge they are
In pursuit of Medea
And the Golden Fleece.
Medea and the Northern Reach
Are Unaware
Of the approaching Greeks
And their terror.
What do we have?" Ishmael continued,
"Ichi's craft
And Nemo's dented tube.
The Northern Flight has a Queen."
"And you have none?" asked Kannon
Emerging from the Conifer Forest
With Ichi and his crew in tow
Back from the search.
"This is too slow,"
Kannon said to Ishi
Still working on Pet's wing.
"Open your wing!"
Kannon said to Pet.
And Pet spread both wings wide.
"And by my eyes can you see?"
Asked Kannon
"Just so." said Pet.
"Then. let's go
And rouse your sleepy head
Dragon friends!
Meet us at the Harbor
Beneath Volcano Never,
There's Dragon's work to do!"
Said Kannon to the crews.
And leaped up to Petra's saddle
On Pet's neck
And off they flew.


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