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OTI:one poem and notes:11/15/16

Open To Interpretation

Day Book

Every week, every morning
To morning,
I read my book,
Day page after day page day.
One page one day one hour one song,
Your page,
My everyday
Every page day favorite.


Note:  hmmph...there was a book back then, Notes To Myself...brb...1970ish...I don't think I read it...maybe a browse...it was one of those books, like books from authors like Rod McKuen and Leonard Cohen, who did the Seagull one?, and such, that always seemed to be about, late sixties early seventies...an odd time...came to mind thinking that blogs, for the most part, are notes to oneself...hmmph...the proof draft of The Black Deck Tales is being shipped, and I'm kind of anxious to see it!...now one can do, along with blogs, books to themselves!...in reading the other Creative Space Publishing books I picked up at OCPC (Orange County Poetry Club), I realize I'm one of the few readers of them...and likely there will never be a back and forth between me and the authors...so, what they, in a sense, wrote to themselves, I read to myself!...or something...so, so, I updated my WOW, World of Warcraft, video game to the new expansion, and in the intro is a video about how the new adventures begin...brb...here's video...I'm trying to update me now!...Dragon 'flight' came to me doing the Tales, importantly as it lead to Northern, and later Southern, 'Reach'...Reach I was borrowing from the rock climbers, they climb a length of rope, and then another 'reach'...but there's also a sense of location, I think...I didn't study this out!...brb...


a continuous extent of land or water, especially a stretch of river between two bends, or the part of a canal between locks.

"the upper reaches of the Nile"


Oh, good, had that right...brb...and with 'reach' as a rock climbing term, I have that wrong, and was thinking of 'pitch', though not far afield, as reaching with one's limbs or ropes is certainly a part of the effort!...writing is like rock climbing...hmmph...the notion of Dragon 'Flights' is at least as far back as the Dragon Riders of Pern stories...there too are the telepathic dragons, and there too, in other stories by Ann McCaffrey, are the 'brainships'...the notion of spaceships that are 'organic'...in this case, piloted by a human brain...something of this too in the Dune stories...the notion of ships that are creatures in and of themselves...this may seem silly, but the notion of Gaia, the earth as a sentient being, not so much...the earth is after all a ship, often thought of as an 'arc'...granted, it doesn't navigate on it's own rotating about the sun, but all things in the universe float as it were in the vacuum, and so 'ships' in a sense, the earth, a 'black ship'...Ann had it too that dragons bond with a human, and probably much else that I've unconsciously borrowed...I read one of the Pern books long ago...and WOW borrows the 'flights' and the dragons' 'colors', so that's in the mix of things I've gathered...looked about for 'northern reach', and found this:


Aptly named, the Northern Reach lies in the northernmost part of Apollyon on a sublet of land that is accessible only by the great Glacier Pass that connects it to the remainder of the territory. The Reach is cold, volatile, and eerily quiet: very few creatures call it home save for the hardier sorts accustomed to year-round cold and icy landscapes. While it thaws somewhat in the heat of summer, for the remainder of the year the Reach is very dangerous due to the icy slopes and frosty paths. Even so, wolves come here to investigate the Caverns that are fabled to be the birthplace of darker magics.



That, I hadn't specifically ever seen!...it's another game it appears...thinking on this, I recall the area in WOW that is all frozen snow covered...'aptly named' would seem to imply one comes to this...convergent geography!...wonder what's about for 'southern reach'...brb...


Jeff VanderMeer has said that the main inspiration for Area X was the hike through St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.[5] However, he's also said that dreams inspired such elements as the writing in the tunnel from Annihilation.[6] Moreover, Jeff has cited a number of books as having an influence on Southern Reach such as The Other Side of the Mountain by Michel Bernanos.[



odd!...oh, here a New Yorker article about area x...even odder!!!...hmmph..and what is a 'hyperobject'???...brb...


Nonlocal: Hyperobjects are massively distributed in time and space to the extent that their totality cannot be realized in any particular local manifestation. For example, global warming is a hyperobject that impacts meteorological conditions, such as tornado formation. According to Morton, though, objects don't feel global warming, but instead experience tornadoes as they cause damage in specific places. Thus, nonlocality describes the manner in which a hyperobject becomes more substantial than the local manifestations they produce.[


well, I find the commentary and Morton difficult to follow!...I just watched one of WOW's clips, an interview of one of the game designers, with forum questions, and find it remarkable that folk can talk like that...it's a game, and yet has about it an 'area x', and it's 'hyperobjectivity', like a tornado, manifests in our playing the game...the game itself overall is like 'global warming'...it is everywhere and nowhere, and only comes to light with our attention when we play...it's an odd thing!...but that's kind of how I pictured the 'black deck', among many other things...words have synonyms, antonyms, puns, similarities, all kinds of stuff, so it's hard to say just what all I was going on about with 'black ship', 'black deck'...I'm not sure myself!...the Tales are a very localized thing for me!...and I find myself in sympathy for what Ann said of her own favorite book of hers...


Helva scored well on encephalographic tests and her parents chose the shell option. She would be a brainship, an elite of her kind. "Brainships were, of course, long past the experimental stages" in her time. Supposedly, "the well-oriented brain would not have changed places with the most perfect body in the universe."[12]
The story closes with brainship Helva singing "Taps" at the funeral service for her brawn Jennan. Decades later, son Todd McCaffrey called it "almost an elegy to her father".[13] About that time, she called it her own favorite story, "possibly because I put much of myself into it: myself and the troubles I had in accepting my father's death [1954] and a troubled marriage."[9] She has also called it "the best story I ever wrote", one that still makes her cry.[11] She chose it to read aloud as Guest of Honor at the annual science fiction convention Eurocon 2007.


these ships, like Ann's dragons, were allied with a human...hmmph...enough...too long a note!...poems as tornados?...don't go there...TMI!...ral...



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