Monday, June 8, 2009

Phoebe And Owl

After a late afternoon nap...(it was rainy out)...I paddled out to Bobcat Meadow...and while going by the Deer House, I heard Blue Jays sounding the alarm...Owl was right there by the Deer House up in the Oaks...tried for pics and clips...but Owl was behind a branch, and before I could angle around, flew off back towards the Creek...I thought to follow, but Black Phoebes were atop the Air, set up the digiscope... and Phoebe pics and clips...these scope pics the closest I have of Phoebes at the Shed, where I often see them this time of year...there's a Nest under one corner, but I didn't check it for Babies...picked up, and went out to Lodgepole Point to look for the Point, and across Creek's End, I heard one Blue Jay scolding, and thanks to that, found Owl...pic and clip...(and this time Owl is on a Ponderosa Branch!)...watched Owl for a good long while...very cool to be at Creek's End...and thought how Owl was right above where I was standing when I heard Owl hoo hooing in the distance towards Chapel Bridge, and waded the Creek to go looksee...this back in Feb.... and how I found Owl in the Cottonwood....oh...a lot I've seen at Creek's End, though there are many times when it is quiet, and most would think that is how it always is!....picked up, and went back and crossed the Bridge...thought maybe to find the Fledglings on the far side of the Merced...when I was opposite from Creek's End, I could still hear Blue Jay, and sighted Owl again...posed on a lower branch, but was too slow with the digi.. did see Owl through the binocs fly across Creek's End, and up along the Point...Owl was taking me Tree to Tree!....on the Path again by the Deer House, I saw Owl go to a tall Ponderosa, near the Muir Redwood...dim pic of scene with Falls....tried to set up again, and Owl went to an Oak...from the Path thereabout, I could hear Robins raising the alarm...dim clip of Owl silhouetted...Owl flew off again, back way I came to the several branched giant Ponderosa near the Bridge...I followed...and then Owl flew across the Merced..and lost to sight in the fading light and dark Trees....oh...I forgot to post up the Half Dome pic from Lodgpole fact, there's a lot of 'imagination pic' to go with this...Imagination pics and clips are ones often blurry...underexposed...but still valuable as they tell a lot!....the aftenoon Clouds came in again with rain, and one rolling Thunder clap...I made a mid aftenoon paddle to, and shuttle back, to and from the Post Office!'s so crowded mid day, so I just had lunch, and curled up...more reports of Bear...usually around campgrounds and cars to walkabout in the early morning and late evening...collided with the Canon walkers, all peering through their borrowed cameras and lenses with puzzlement, on the Boardwalk by the Oak Branch Arching Over Half Dome...Wed. I'd like to join them and try one of those red ring lenses!!

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