Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Picket Pin

Clip is from Monday's day trip to Tuolumne....yesterday, I didn't get least for a walkabout....did get out of the late afternoon, a friend drove me on down to was just a 'getaway' drive for them...Valley fever sets in, and one has to go to town, or somewhere...if one has the means!!... I wanted desperately to get some bookshelves and other things to deal with the dishevelment...which is still in the boxes!...which...well...I was asked if I liked the new carpet...and related that I do, but haven't seen it for the boxes!!, I persuaded my friend to take me along...I ride very rarely in cars over the time I've been in the Valley...and it's nerve one, including most of my chauffeurs, wants to go the speed limit...(related, two new Speed Kills Bears by the Chapel..another by Crane Flat)....saw maybe one Hawk on the way down...gliding over golden hills on still home around eleven...and went right to's like two hundred miles there and back!...and I slept all the way to work time no walkabout today either!!....did take pics today and yesterday of the ImpossiblePossible nest...for sometime...candid clip today of photog trying to take a pic of the Little Blue's not would be fun to put a web cam on the the Zoo, it's not unusual to see everyone peering, and trying to find critters...but at the Umbrella Table on the's charming...sunny hot blue with some puff clouds....

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