Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer in Owl Woods

Shuttled over to the Village...laundry soap...geared up when I got back, and paddled out to the location my friend said they saw Owl....wasn't having any luck, but then heard one scolding Blue Jay...didn't think much chance, but then heard a bunch of scolding Robins...and found Owl low on a Pine...very and clip...and while setting up the mini digi...Owl flew to a Cottonwood...couldn't tell if Owl was one of the Fledglings....but when I got the
Cottonwood in view, the other Fledgling flew over to who was indeed it's sibling!...very happy to see them....their attention was on Mama Owl...located her too!....I was able to get a whole lot of clips and distant pics...for sometime...will put up slow motion of Mama Owl's flight..and another of one of the Fledglings flying......just dont have time tonight!...sunny hot blue with a summer warm breeze...desert like tonight...air so different tonight, in fact, it makes me feel a little bit of Great Grey Owl in Wawona...this report from another good friend who is going through some travail...was hat less on the bus, and when I inquired why, learned he was spur less, and belt less too...a Horse Rider on the way down the hill...things are very tough here sometime...sirocco winds blow....
Friday March 1st
Fourth & fifth drafts of Advice to Storytellers. Went over checks of section of Emmie1 with Laura: took it to Karl with the fourth chapter of Antigua.
Went with Laura a walk to Lluchalcari came back in car. Return of Sirocco.
Water put into deposito 2 from Canfusimain [sic: C'an FusimaƱ] stream.
Motor taken down after another test: pump trouble probably.
Read Henry Chapin's Leifsaga3 & Colony's Brook of Leaves4 sent me unprovoked.
Sirocco made work impossible.
At the Hotel at Lluchalcari was a woman, author of Warning to Wantons5 – Mary Mitchell6 – who looked XScientist. On the way home from the village I said to Laura: "Do you think X–Sc ience 7 is making progress in US America[RG] these days?" She said "X–Sc nce is progress ;&in America it[RG] does not make progress: it is progress."
from Diary of Robert Graves, 1935-39
well..that's an odd spur...but of much interest to me!....once in a while will read a page from this!!....oh!...and this....first time I've heard Graves reading aloud!...
someone must show me how to snag clips!! Graves is reading Sirocco at Deya...
oh!!...and a baby Gilbert's Skink on the doorsill of the Post Office...clip and pic...and two Juncos making clip clip clip clip sounds...maybe babies...and report of Bear at Chuchbowl two days ago...'laying down, chin resting on a boulder, watching'....(pics look best if enlarged...mouseoverclick)

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