Thursday, February 24, 2011

Antelope Squirrel

Pic up is an Antelope Squirrel, I think, from Carrizo Plain rollabout....Critter, I saw several scurrying farfar away and into Burrows, didn't look to have a Tail... Squirrel's profile looks to be the Antelope Squirrel's though, but I'm having trouble matching the coloration with pics on web...looking for pics and id, I find that a Solar Panel Power facility is being approved, like tomorrow!, for the Plain, which, I'm guessing, includes more than just the Monument, where such thing should be excluded, I think!....I kinda cringe when I see pics of solar power facilities--everything living is gone from such's just dirt, and the facility....anyway, slept in, went to work--and that was it today! to cold, overcast--tonight, sparkly tiny Snow Flakes like glitter in the Grounds Lights started to fall on the walk back to the Cabin after work...

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